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19 Crochet Scarf Pattern that are Free!

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Crocheting a scarf is a great first project for beginning crocheters. Here are 19 free crochet scarf patterns that work for total beginners, to more experienced crocheters.

Why is a scarf a fabulous first crochet project? Because it’s a rectangle, which is one of the easiest shapes to crochet!

Depending on the complexity of the pattern, a crochet scarf is a great way for newer crocheters to learn new stitches and techniques, since usually there’s little shaping.

Chunky teal crochet scarf on mannequin.

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What do you need to crochet a scarf?

Yarn, a variety of yarn weights and fibers work well for crocheting a scarf.

Crochet hook to match your chosen yarn.

#4 medium worsted weight yarn is a popular choice, and pairs well with a 5mm hook.

Your crochet pattern will have a section titled Materials, or Supplies that will tell you what yarn was used in the sample and with which hook.

What yarn should I use to crochet a scarf?

Acrylic yarn is affordable and comes in an array of colors.

However, if you’re looking to crochet a light and lacy summer scarf, then going with cotton yarn make be a great choice.

If you want to crochet a cozy, chunky scarf for fall or winter, then consider wool for warmth. Or possibly a wool blend which often melds the best of both worlds because it’s warm, but also washable (check your yarn label) to be sure on how to care for your handmade scarf.

For one skein summer scarf, I love Lion Brand’s 24/7 cotton. The cotton is mercerized, so it’s strong. It has a beautiful sheen and comes in some lovely colors.

To crochet a quick scarf use a #5-#7 weight yarn, like Scarfie Yarn. This chunky #5 yarn is made just for crocheting (or knitting) a scarf! These are great because you know you have just the right amount of yarn to make a scarf. I really love how the color changes work in these yarns. And bonus, it’s a wool blend so it’s very warm.

So really there are a wide variety of yarns that will work, it just depends on the type of scarf you want to crochet!

How much yarn do I need?

Again this depends on your pattern. You will need more #4 medium yarn than you will need of a #6 super bulky yarn.

You might need roughly 350-550 yards of a #4 medium worsted weight yarn to make a good size scarf. To make a similar size scarf in #6 super bulky yarn you may only need 250-400 yards.

There is no easy answer, it really depends on too many factors! Check your pattern instructions for the best information.

So how big should a scarf be?

Like crochet blankets, there’s really no set width and length for a scarf. The crochet scarf patterns in this list range from 4″ to 8″ wide. For light and lacy a skinny 4″ to 6″ scarf is perfect, for cozy and warm 6″ to 8″ works well.

The length of a scarf can vary also. At least 54″ to 60″ is a good minimum length. This allows most individuals to wrap it once around the neck and have some length on both sides.

There are plenty of longer scarf patterns of 70″ to 100″ long. Scarfs this long will allow the wearer more options for tying or looping the scarf. These may also include fringe in those lengths.

You crochet pattern will include sizing information, so check the details first.

What’s the best stitch to crochet a scarf?

Like the weight of your yarn, it depends on the look and drape you want in your scarf. For an open, lacy scarf you can use the v-stitch, large mesh (which is a double crochets and chains to form an open mesh like fabric), or filet crochet which is similar to the mesh. In crochet mesh, you work a double crochet into a double crochet. For filet crochet, you work double crochets into the chain spaces.

If you want to crochet a cozy super bulky scarf then you want to choose stitches that are closer together, to form a warmer fabric. These are great for the “regular” crochet stitches: single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet.

More stitch patterns that make great warm scarves are lemon peel stitch, the wattle stitch, or the trinity stitch are a few of my favorites.

To Fringe or Not to Fringe?

Fringe seems to be one of those polarizing features. Either we love it or hate it.

The best part about making your own accessories is that you get to choose! If you want to know how, I have a step by step tutorial on how to add fringe to your crochet (or knit) scarf.

19 Crochet Scarf Patterns that are Free!

Crochet scarf patterns for free in a variety of styles and yarn weights. These crochet scarf pattern makes excellent gifts for women, or men.

From worsted weight scarf patterns to super bulky (and super quick) scarf patterns these free crochet patterns have something for everyone on your to make list.

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