Hi, I’m Crystal. You read that right, not Christa. When my husband and I first met we were studying Italian abroad in Torino. Our instructor, Aida pronounced my name, in her beautiful Italian accent,  as “Christa.” And for the first week or so, until we met properly, he thought that was my name. And so it became a nickname of sorts.

Five years later, we married in Marble Falls, Texas at a gorgeous hill country winery. We lived in Houston, TX then and for the next five years. Our first son was born, Lucca named for the picturesque city in central Italy. It was after his birth that I stopped teaching (such a hard decision-there were tears!) and I stayed home full time. I began blogging about my baby’s milestones and posted what he was up to once a month. It’s more of an extension of a baby book for me and close relatives, but I kept up with it for all of my children. While I did not have as much free time as I thought I might, I did have some and renewed my interest in sewing. We cloth diaper and it was that parenting choice which led to me think, “I could make those… given the right tools.” And so my love-hate relationship with my seam ripper began to blossom. I am self taught and utilized every free tutorial I could find, so thank you fellow bloggers!

Sixteen months later our second son was born, Niccolo in keeping with our Italian theme. Just before his birth I learned to crochet through a friend’s church group. I made my sweet baby the most crooked, inconsistently stitched, tiniest blanket my newbie hands could hook. I must confess I did not think much of crocheting that first summer. It was Houston, it was hot most of the time. Who wants an uber warm blanket or hat when it’s 80 in October with 80% humidity? My passion was sewing. But I stuck with it, and have since come to adore it. Living in Utah has opened up a new appreciation for warm outerwear that I now can create. While I love sewing, I’ve found that crocheting with kids is actually easier to pick up and put down. If I sit down to sew, I need my wits about me and, as a mother of four, I hardly ever feel as if my wits are intact.

When our second son was six months old we moved to Utah. It was easy to fall in love with the gorgeous mountain views that surround our valley. We added our third baby boy, Elio to our growing family about a year later. The boys adore the mountains and the endless rocks and the snow here in Utah. Just over a year ago the Lord saw fit to bless our happy home of boys with a baby girl, Ravenna. And she is just what you would expect from a little sister with three older brothers-tries to keep up, just as rough and tumble, and lets you know her demands.

And there you have it. Somehow in the midst of filling my home with four children, ages 5 and under, I have learned and love to create fun and beautiful, and often imperfect things for my children, my friends and our home. Here I hope to share many of those creations with you!