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Hi, I’m Crystal the designer and blogger behind ChristaCoDesign. I’m often known as Christa around here. It’s a nickname of sorts, so I answer to both.

picture of woman smiling at camera in pink crochet hat with faux fur pom in white

I’m wearing the Positano Hat here, which uses the same stitch as the Positano Cardigan.

What You’ll Find On This Blog

I share crochet and knit patterns weekly on this blog. I strive to create patterns that are beginner friendly and include photo and/video support when I am able. 

You’ll also find tutorials for crochet, knitting and a smattering of sewing. I enjoy all the crafty arts and sharing them here. 

Personally, I have four children. So first and foremost, I am a mom. That means, I usually create patterns that a busy mom can set down and not totally lose her place when she comes back to it.

I enjoy the type of crocheting and knitting that is rhythmic and has easy repeats. These patterns make wonderful accompaniments to T.V. time. If you enjoy relaxing crochet and knit patterns too, then you’re in the right place.

I am also an avid reader. These days I’m most often reading books to my kids. So I take advantage of audiobooks when I can. This also means that I can keep my hands in the yarn while listening to a good story.

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ChristaCoDesign Crochet Patterns

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Maker Philosophy

Well if my multitasking in the previous paragraphs didn’t give you any hints, then I’ll plainly say: I’m a maker and a doer. I have a need to keep my hands busy. 

I derive great joy and satisfaction from making. Whether it’s crochet, knitting, or sewing, creating with my hands is an essential for me. Transforming yarn or fabric into an entirely new and unique creation is a delight.

Crafting is simultaneously an engaging and calming experience for me. Designing crochet and knit patterns is a challenge I enjoy. Actually crocheting or knitting them is soothing and relaxing. Like most makers, I love learning new techniques to improve my skills.

I often have a larger project going in the background, like a blanket or sweater. I love the instant gratification of finishing small pieces as much as the next person, but I need a fall back piece too. Something I can just pick up my crochet hook or knitting needles and keep going. 

picture of family pic

More About Me

Growing up I did a lot of reading. When I needed to be busy, I would clean. When I needed to escape, I would read.

I dabbled in sewing in my teen years, but I didn’t have a machine. Sewing by hand is satisfying, but slow. 

In college, I focused in on the liberal arts. Finally, earning my bachelor’s degree in writing. I don’t say this to mean there won’t be mistakes in my writing. I make plenty of those. But I do love writing.

Before I had my own children, I taught elementary school. I love teaching. I love creating engaging, hands on lessons. It was hard to leave teaching. But staying home with your own baby is a great calling. I am beyond blessed to be able to have done so. 

I am amazed to have found a place where so many things I love have intersected. Creating, writing and teaching have all come together to establish this blog full of crochet + knit designs and tutorials.

I hope you’ll find inspiration here. I believe that simply made is beautiful. 

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