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Berryessa Scarf a Free Crochet Pattern

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The Berryessa Scarf is a light crochet lacy scarf, perfect as a stylish summer accessory. The easy, open stitch pattern of this skinny scarf is fun to work and creates a beautiful accessory for those warmer days.

Crocheted with simple stitches and just one ball of yarn, the Berryessa Scarf makes for a fast gift.

I really love designing for warmer months. I feel like there’s freedom in being able to create a fabric that is open and lacy, without concern for warmth.

Summer scarves and cowls are some of my favorite designs for this reason. I always look forward to creating stylish, seasonal looks for summer.

I paired this beauty with my tee shirt dress for an easy look. This scarf would work well for something a bit fancier too. Not that we have anywhere to go these days.

picture of close up lacy purple scarf with fringe

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The stitch definition just draws me in. I love the look of the stitches with this yarn. I’m so glad I could capture it, even in this dark purple.

picture of woman in long lacy purple scarf

I love how long this scarf is on me. It’s passed my knees. I’m only 5′ 2″ so it’s deceptive.

The long length makes styling the Berryessa Scarf so versatile. Wrap it once or twice, or wear it long.

All this lovely lacy length crocheted from just one ball of yarn.

picture of purple lacy scarf crochet

I went with fringe to set off this crochet lacy scarf. But I couldn’t be bothered to trim it up precisely. I kinda like the somewhat uneven look on this scarf.

What do you think about fringe? It seems to be a love/hate sort of decision for most of us. Are you on team fringe or no?

picture of lacy scarf looped with fringe in purple

The Yarn

picture of one ball Whims Merino yarn in purple with wood crochet hook and scissors

The stitchwork of this crochet lacy scarf highlights the beauty of this crocheter’s yarn from Furls Whims Merino. It has gorgeous drape, making the Berryessa Scarf easy to wear. I love how the stitches pop in the purple.

Made for crocheters, the z-twist of this yarn allows for hook and yarn to work together, maintaining the yarn’s twist. The stitch definition is fantastic, while the fabric retains its softness and drape.

picture of purple crochet lace scarf on white

Whims Merino is a merino wool + nylon blend, which adds springiness and strength to the yarn. It’s superwash merino which means it won’t felt either. This yarn really made the crochet lace of this scarf shine.

picture of crochet lace

Thank you to Furls for the yarn support on the Berryessa Scarf. I loved working with this crocheter’s yarn and would highly recommend you give it a try too.

picture of progress of Berryessa crochet scarf lace in purple

Furls is offering a great deal on this yarn in their Quarantine Kit! Check out all the goodies that are included. Plus support for COVID relief.

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Order yours here.

You can purchase the ad-free pdf {scroll down for the free pattern}




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  1. Ch 3 counts as a stitch, I highly recommend using a ch 3 alternative, here’s my favorite.
  2. Ch 1 at the start of a row does not count as st.


sk-skip the indicated stitch          

ch sp-chain space


sc-single crochet 


hdc-half double crochet


dc-double crochet


2″ x 2″ = 8 sc x 9 rows of sc

Finished Dimensions

3.5″ x 60″ unblocked




The Berryessa Scarf is worked flat from the bottom up. It’s worked on the short end, so you’ll start with the width of your scarf and work towards the length. This makes adjusting your crochet lacy scarf easy to do.


To adjust the width of your scarf, start with a number of chains that is a multiple is 3 + 1, so 3, 6, 9… 15, 18, etc plus 1 for the foundation chain.

To adjust the length crochet more or less of the repeat rows, be sure to stop on after a Row 4 repeat.

To create a cowl, once you’ve reached your desired length, sew the short ends together.


Ch 16,

Row 1. Hdc in 2nd ch (sk ch doesn’t count) from your hook and in the next ch, *{ch 2, sk 2 chs, (hdc, ch 1, hdc) in next ch}, rep from * to last 4 chs, ch 2, sk 2 chs, hdc in each of last 2 chs, turn. (21 sts)

picture of row 1 progress crochet lacy scarf

Row 2. Ch 3 (counts), dc in next st, *{2 sc in ch 2 sp, sk next hdc, dc in ch 1 sp, sk next hdc} rep from * til last 4 sts, 2 sc in ch 2 sp, dc in each of last 2 sts, turn. (15 sts)

picture of row 2 progress crochet lacy scarf

Row 3. Ch 1, in same st hdc, hdc in next st,  *{ch 2, sk next 2 sc, (hdc, ch 1, hdc) in next st} rep from * to last 4 sts, ch 2, sk next 2 sc, hdc in each of last 2 sts , turn. (21 sts)

picture of row 3 progress crochet lacy scarf

Row 4. Ch 3, dc in next st, *{2 sc in ch 2 sp, sk next hdc, dc in ch 1 sp, sk next hdc} rep from * til last 4 sts, 2 sc in ch 2 sp, dc in each of last 2 sts, turn. (15 sts)

Rows 5-148. Rep Rows 3-4, or til scarf measures 60,” be sure to stop after a Row 4 repeat.

picture of progress crochet lacy scarf

Row 149. Ch 1, in same st sc and in each st across. Cut yarn and join with a sl st to Row 1 on opposite end of scarf, rep Row 149. 


Cut yarn and weave in ends. Block your scarf.


Add fringe to both ends of your scarf. 

I’d love to see your #berryessascarf tag me @christacodesign on Instagram if you post a pic. Or share it to my Facebook Group, I love to see your work!

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  1. In Row 3, after the repeat section, I think you are missing “ch 2” before the sk next 2 sc and then hdc in next 2 st.