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The Bella Vita is an easy knit blanket pattern with a beautiful result. Knit with a wool blend super bulky yarn this beginner friendly throw pattern makes a gorgeous wedding blanket for that special couple.

If you’re looking for a handmade housewarming gift this super bulky blanket knitting pattern works up quickly and you can customize the colors to suit the home.

The Bella Vita Blanket is free knitting pattern that is knit with simple stitches. Any level knitter can feel confident knitting this easy blanket. The texture of the main section is a combination knits and purls.

Chunky knit blanket in cream with dot texture on vintage blue chair.

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This easy knit blanket quickly became a family favorite in our home. Everyone loves snuggling up under this knit throw blanket when we read or watch tv.

Then our friends got engaged and I knew something special was in order. A gorgeous, knit heirloom blanket would make a wonderful wedding gift.

What better way to bless the happily wedded couple than with a cozy throw blanket full of handmade love.

If you prefer another size, like a knit baby blanket then I include some alternatives sizes below.

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Bella vita easy knit blanket pattern for beginner knitters in cream yarn on blue chair.
The Bella Vita is one of my favorite cozy knit blanket patterns.

The Yarn

Knitting with Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick and Quick* is a joy. This #6 superbulky yarn knits up so fast. The blend of wool and acrylic creates my favorite yarn to squish.

The range of colors in this yarn makes it a great choice for giftable blankets. Customize your color scheme or choose neutrals.

The color of this blanket is Fisherman. Everything looks amazing and luxurious in Wool Ease Thick & Quick.

Chunky yarn cast on to needles sitting on ball of wool.

Yarn Substitutions

You can definitely substitute another yarn. Some other #6 super bulky yarns I can recommend are Paintbox Simply Super Chunky*, and Lion Brand Hometown.*

I use Paintbox Simply Super Chunky in the Nocca Blanket, an easy four row repeat blanket knitting pattern

These yarns are 100% acrylic. Which means they’re easy to care for-machine washable and dryer friendly.

They also come in a variety of colors, and the cost is affordable. These are good yarn options for baby blanket patterns.

I know many knitters are enjoying Big Twist Natural Blend. This #6 super bulky yarn is also a wool blend of 80% wool and 20% acrylic.

Close up of knit blanket texture in cream wool ease thick and quick yarn.

More Free Knitting Patterns

The Giana Shawl is a cozy beginner knit pocket shawl that works up quickly in chunky yarn!

I love this Mama+Mini Ear Warmer by Shanice at Crochetastic Boutique. It features this squishy WET&Q yarn. Plus I’m a sucker for mama and baby matching sets.

Looking for more easy knits? The Lana is a total beginner summer cardigan knitting pattern that’s worked flat. It’s an easy 4 row repeat.

This chunky knit ear warmer is a great starter knitting pattern and makes a quick gift too!

Yellow daffodils next to blanket cast on and knit for a few inches.


The Bella Vita Blanket begins with a simple seed stitch border. Once the border is wide enough the main section is a simple 4 row repeat.

Each row will start and end with the seed stitch border. When the blanket is knitted to length, you’ll finish with the final seed stitch border.

At the bottom of this post I include a chart of the border and main stitch section.

Folded cream Bella vita easy knit blanket pattern with simple seed stitch border.
The seed stitch border really creates a nice finish on this chunky knit blanket.

Knitting Needles

I use 9mm knitting needles on a 36″ cable for this blanket. You may need to adjust your needle size, so be sure to swatch.

If you are looking for a good set of interchangeable circular knitting needles I love my Knitter’s Pride Ginger Set.*

They come with cables, end caps and 13 sets of needles. This deluxe set comes with a gorgeous case that includes a pen and magnets to hold your pattern/notes.

One of my favorite things about this set of knitting needles is that it comes with the large sizes. This set has needle sizes 3.25mm through 12mm.

Not all sets include those larger needles, so this one is perfect for all the chunky knits.

Cream Bella vita easy knit blanket pattern on circular kitting needles.
The texture in this throw blanket pattern is lovely!

More Totally Easy Blanket Knitting Patterns

I you’re looking for a simple worsted weight yarn blanket pattern this one comes in many size and makes a sweet baby blanket knitting pattern. Since this is a striped blanket I created a tutorial on how to change colors when starting with a slip 1.

The Sophia’s Blanket, total beginner knit blanket pattern is also in super bulky yarn and combines the garter stitch and stockinette stitch for some snuggly goodness!

The Nocca is an easy baby blanket knitting pattern, but also comes in multiple sizes. This simple 4 row repeat is easy and relaxing to knit!

3 in 1

knitting pattern bundle

This pattern pack includes knitting patterns for 3 easy blankets to knit for family, friends or your home. 

Ending corner of textured knit blanket in chunky cream yarn.


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End of row with stitch marker in peach on knitting needles.

Yarn By Size

  • Baby Size 36” / 91 cm x 45” / 114 cm estimated yarn: 389 yd / 356 m
  • Sm Throw Size 45” / 114 cm x 50” / 127 cm estimated yarn: 540 yd / 494 m
  • Med Throw Size 54″ / 137 cm x 50″ / 127 cm estimated yarn: 636 yd / 582 m
  • Lg Throw Size 54” /137 cm x 60” / 152 cm estimated yarn: 778  yd / 711 m
  • Twin Size 66” / 168 cm x 90” / 229 cm estimated yarn: 1426 yd / 1303 m
  • Full Size 80” / 203 cm x 90”/229 cm estimated yarn: 1728 yd / 1580 m
  • Queen Size 90” / 229 cm x 90” / 229 cm estimated yarn: 1944 yd / 1777 m
  • King Size 108” / 274 cm x 90” / 229 cm estimated yarn: 2333 yd / 2133 m
  • CAL King Size 128” / 325 cm x 110” / 279 cm estimated yarn: 3380 yd / 3089 m


  1. As written border edges are 3” around, and include 6 sts at the beginning of a row and 6 sts at the end of a row. See Border in Fit/Adjustments for more on how to adjust this number. 
  2. Main pattern is a stitch multiple of 4 + 3.
  3. There is a stitch chart at the bottom of this page.


BO – bind off

CO – cast on, the crochet cast on is my favorite, especially for blankets.

K – Knit

P – Purl

Pm – place marker

Sm – slip marker

Helpful Knitting Tutorials

Cast On With A Crochet Hook As a crocheter, this is my favorite and go-to cast on method.

The Long Tail Cast On is another easy and popular cast on method.

Eventually you will need to know how to join new yarn, the magic knot is one way.

How to change colors when you slip 1 at the beginning of a row.


4″ / 10 cm x 4″ / 10 cm = 7 sts x 12 rows in main pattern 

Skill Level


Finished Sizes

  • Baby Size 36”/91cm x 45”/114cm
  • Sm Throw Size 45” / 114cm x 50” /127cm
  • Med Throw Size 54″ / 137 cm x 50″ / 127 cm
  • Lg Throw Size 54”/137cm x 60”/152cm
  • Twin Size 66”/168cm x 90”229cm
  • Full Size 80”/203cm x 90”/229cm
  • Queen Size 90”/229cm x 90”229cm
  • King Size 108”/274cm x 90”229cm
  • CAL King Size 128” / 325 cm x 110” / 279 cm


To cast on a different size blanket, you’ll want to use a stitch multiple of 4 + 3.

To make a longer blanket just continue the four row repeat for the length you want.

Border worked in seed stitch over nine rows in cream wool yarn.


If you are changing the size of your blanket and the number of border stitches, first calculate your blanket width using the stitch multiple. Then adjust your border stitch count. 

To adjust the number of border edge stitches, keep them in twos. So you can easily have 8 border sts on either end or 10, etc.

The pattern is written with 6 sts (= 3”) as the border stitch counts, so you’ll have to make/remember to adjust for that.

Using the stitch markers to define your border will help you there. You can not use an odd number like 5, 7 etc. for the border.

Also keep in mind to adjust the number of border rows you start and finish with to match your border edge width.

So if you want 8 border sts, you might add two row reps to the beginning and ending border to match your new edge width.

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

Purchase the ad-free, well formatted PDF Pattern from my shop. Scroll down for the free pattern!

Video Tutorial

Check out how to knit this easy blanket in the video tutorial on my YouTube Channel.

Images with text video easy knit blanket on chair.

Scroll down for the easy knit blanket pattern

Bella vita easy knit blanket beginner knitting pattern in cream yarn on blue chair.

Easy Knit Blanket Pattern Beginner Knitting Pattern

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 12 hours
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 12 hours 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $36-$84

The Bella Vita Blanket is an easy knitting pattern with a beautiful result. Knit with a wool blend superbulky yarn this quick throw makes a gorgeous wedding blanket for that special couple.


  • #6 superbulky yarn, pictured is 54” x 50” with (636 yds) in Lion Brand’s Wool Ease Thick + Quick in color: Fisherman. Below are yardage suggestions for other sizes.
  • Yarn By Size
  • Baby Size 36” / 91 cm x 45” / 114 cm estimated yarn: 389 yd / 356 m
  • Sm Throw Size 45” / 114 cm x 50” / 127 cm estimated yarn: 540 yd / 494 m
  • Med Throw Size 54″ / 137 cm x 50″ / 127 cm estimated yarn: 636 yd / 582 m
  • Lg Throw Size 54” /137 cm x 60” / 152 cm estimated yarn: 778 yd / 711 m
  • Twin Size 66” / 168 cm x 90” / 229 cm estimated yarn: 1426 yd / 1303 m
  • Full Size 80” / 203 cm x 90”/229 cm estimated yarn: 1728 yd / 1580 m
  • Queen Size 90” / 229 cm x 90” / 229 cm estimated yarn: 1944 yd / 1777 m
  • King Size 108” / 274 cm x 90” / 229 cm estimated yarn: 2333 yd / 2133 m
  • CAL King Size 128” / 325 cm x 110” / 279 cm estimated yarn: 3380 yd / 3089 m


  • 9mm circular 36” knitting needles
  • Yarn needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • 2 stitch markers (optional) these are helpful for the border edges.


    Sizes Baby (Sm Throw, Med Throw, Lg Throw, Twin, Full, Queen, King, CAL King)

    CO 63 (79, 99, 99, 115, 143, 159, 191, 227)

Beginning Border Edge

    Row 1. K1, *P1, K1 rep from * across the row.

    Rows 2-9. Rep Row 1 for 3” / 7.5 cm.

Main Section

    Row 10. (RS) K, P, K, P, K, P, pm, K, *P, K3, rep * until 8 sts left on your needle, P, K, pm, P, K, P, K, P, K.

    Row 11. Sm as you come to them. (WS) K, P, K, P, K, P, *P, rep * until 5 sts left on your needle, K, P, K, P, K.
    Row 12. K, P, K, P, K, P, *K3, P, rep * until 5 sts left on your needle, K, P, K, P, K.
    Row 13. Rep Row 11.Cream Bella vita knit blanket on circular kitting needles.


    Rep Rows 10-13 for length of blanket for your size:

    Baby Size 42” / 106.5 cm

    Sm Throw Size 47” / 119.5 cm

    Med Throw Size 47” / 119.5 cm

    Lg Throw Size 57”/ 145 cm

    Twin Size 87” / 221 cm

    Full Size 87”/ 221 cm

    Queen Size 87” / 221 cm

    King Size 87” / 221 cm

    CAL King Size 107” / 272 cm

    If lengthening your blanket, end after a Row 13 repeat.

Final Border Edge

    Worked over the last 9 rows = 3” / 7.5 cm. Remove markers as you come to them.

    Next Row. K1, *P1, K1, rep from * across row.
    Rep last row until you have 9 rows total or edge = 3” / 7.5 cm.
    BO in pattern, will be on WS.


    Cut yarn and weave in ends.


    Chart for knit blanket stitch pattern. This chart shows the full border rows and edge stitches, but only a small sample of the main section repeat.

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  1. I’d like to make this blanket in the Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn. I’m just not sure how to adjust the pattern. Any suggestions?

  2. HI Rita,
    Since Hometown is also a #6 super bulky yarn it should work well with no adjustments. Working a gauge swatch is the best way to check though!
    I hope this helps.

  3. Hi Susan,
    SM means slip marker, if you’re using a stitch marker you will move it to the right needle just like a stitch. If you’re not using them, you can ignore it. For more abbreviations, you can find them all under the Stitches/Abbreviations section by scrolling up on the page.
    I hope this helps!

  4. Hi!

    If I were to increase the blanket size to 90 inches, how many stitches would you recommend casting on if I use the wool ease thick + quick?

  5. Hi Ashley,
    Thanks for your question. If you’re meeting the gauge listed, then you could cast on 159 for about a 90″ blanket (that’s a big blanket!) and would be oh so cozy in wool ease thick & quick! Be sure to work up a little swatch of about 4″ square to double check you’re meeting gauge. If you get more stitches in 4″ then you’ll need to go up a needle size, and if you get less, you’ll need to go down a needle size. Or we can adjust the cast on to your gauge. I hope this helps!
    Have a good day,

  6. Can I use the bernat baby velvet medium 4 with this pattern? Would I adjust the size of the needles? Thank you.

  7. Hi Lydia,
    I think that would make a lovely blanket. Yes, you would want to use the needles to match your yarn. Using a small yarn (#4) and needles is going to give you a smaller blanket. I would recommend swatching with your yarn and needles and comparing it to the pattern gauge. This will tell you big or small your blanket will be.
    I hope that helps!

  8. Hi Joan,
    Row 8 is a repeat of row 1, in the seed stitch border. It’s under step 3, which reads: Rows 2-9 Rep Row 1 for 3″/7.5cm.
    I hope this helps!

  9. Hi Christa.
    I love your blanket ! And id love to knit it. I have already got a large supply of yarn on hand called Patons Gembrook, in ‘Blue Jay’ colour. Do you think this pattern is suitable for this multi colour style yarn, or does it suit a single colour yarn better ?

  10. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you. I think that Blue Jay color would look lovely in this blanket! I don’t think the stitch pattern is overly busy which usually means the color changing yarns do well. I say give it a go!


  11. Hi Linda,
    Line 8 “Repeat” goes with the repeat instructions on the next line. I’ve moved them to the same line now. I hope that helps!

  12. What color yarn did you use for the blanket in the photos. I didn’t see it noted. Thanks!!!

  13. Christa,
    I want to make this blanket as a large throw. I can’t find Super Bulky Soft* 70% superwash wool and Superfine Alpaca) Lion Brand. Also I made a large throw last year out of Acrylic yarn and it just fell apart, the knots would not hold, and I tried the Russian way to bind the yarns together and that didn’t work either. I bought your pattern through Knit Picks, and it doesn’t tell me how many skeins of yarn I need. Did you really use #9 needles, I used #50 needles on the Acrylic bulky yarn I used last year. Please help me figure this out. Thank You! Rose Mary

  14. Hi Rose Mary,
    Thanks for your question. You should be able to use and #6 superbulky yarn with this pattern. Many people have also had great results with Lion Brand’s Thick & Quick and Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn. How many balls of yarn you need will depend on the size of you yarn skeins.

    When I want to be certain my yarn doesn’t come loose I join new yarn I use a magic knot, and then leave longer tail which I then weave in really well. To weave in well I make sure to go up, down, left, right, back and forth so the yarn can’t just slip out. Here’s a magic knot tutorial https://christacodesign.com/2021/02/01/how-to-join-yarn-with-a-magic-knot/

    As for needle size, yes I used a 9mm for this blanket. The needle size you use will depend on your yarn and tension. The best way to find out is to check gauge by working up a swatch with your yarn and needles. You can find out more about gauge here https://christacodesign.com/2021/09/01/crochet-gauge-what-is-gauge-how-do-you-measure-it/

    Here are my affiliate links to
    LB Thick & Quick Yarn https://shrsl.com/2ptx1

    and the Bare Soft Super Bulky https://shrsl.com/3nyba

    and Bernat Softee Chunky Yarn https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y1PMMJQ/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=christaco-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=B06Y1PMMJQ&linkId=44ba172924c01b8d89ad7c504828abe4

  15. Hi Selene,
    If you would like to use the stitch markers to mark the edge border of the “Main Section” then you place them after the first 6 stitches and before the last 6 stitches. This can help you remember to switch from the main stitch pattern to the seed stitch for those edges. I hope this helps!

  16. You mention that the size is 54 x 50 (under Materials heading) which equates to 6 balls of Lions Brand Wool Ease, I have just purchased the 6 but on further reading the instructions don’t mention that size. The nearest is Lg 54 x 60…..can you please advise the instructions for this size. I am new to knitting….and confused! Tnx

  17. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for reaching out with your question. You will cast on 99 for the 54″ size and once you get to the main stitch repeat you will work until 47″. When I added multiple sizes it looks like I left the original size off. I’ve added it back in under “med throw size” so you can find it included in the directions again. Thanks again for asking so I could update it. Sorry for any confusion!
    Thank you,

  18. I am sorry in advance! I purchased this pattern but my brain hurts trying to figure out the math! I want to make a small throw, can you tell me the cast on number? Also how do I figure out the main pattern count? Again sorry!

  19. Hi Amanda,
    The pattern includes the cast on for all the sizes. For the small throw it’s CO 79 and then you just follow the pattern as written.
    I hope this helps!