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Knitting Cast On With A Crochet Hook

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As a crocheter first, the crochet hook cast on is my go to method for getting my knitting started. If you already crochet and want to learn how to knit, then this cast on is simple and easy to do.

It’s easy, but it also looks great. The cast on edge looks really clean and neat.

This is also a short tail cast on, so no need to estimate your length and all the challenges that comes with that.

There are lots of specialized knitting cast ons for different techniques. But this is a great basic cast on method.

Pink stitches cast on with crochet hook.
I love how neat the crochet cast on is!

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You can use the yarn your pattern calls for, or what you have on hand to practice this cast on.

For this tutorial I’m using a #4 medium worsted weight yarn. Red Heart With Love in the color Cameo.

Learning the stitches is easier in #4-6 weight yarns (in my opinion), since they’re easier to see when you’re just getting started.


After you learn to cast on, then you’ll be ready to knit a row and purl a row.

Like many things in knitting there are different ways to hold your yarn. I am a continental knitter, which means I hold my yarn in my left hand.

If you are a right handed crocheter, then continental knitting may be the easiest to learn.

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Easy Knitting Patterns

Here are some beginner friendly knitting patterns you might enjoy that you can use this cast on method for.

This Bianca Bookmark is fast and simple. This is a great first knitting project for total beginners.

This Easy Knit Scarf Pattern is cozy and beautiful in only garter stitch.

When you’re ready for a knit shawl the Umbria is knit with chunky yarn and works up quick.


  • any weight yarn, I am using Red Heart With Love , a #4 medium worsted weight yarn
  • needles compatible to your yarn, I’m using my 4.5mm US 7 needles. You can use straight needles or cable needles.
  • a crochet hook to match your needles (4.5mm) sometimes it’s a good idea to use a little bit larger hook to help keep your stitches from being too tight. In this tutorial I use a 5mm hook with 4.5mm needles. You’ll need to insert your needle into the cast on stitch so don’t make them too tight.

Stitches/Abbreviations (US Terms)

CO-Cast On



Slip knot


Watch the full video tutorial on my YouTube or on Jumprope.

Pink stitches cast on with crochet hook.

Cast On With A Crochet Hook

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 32 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

Learn how to knit with this easy crocheter cast on. Using a crochet hook cast on is a simple short tail cast on.


  • Any weight yarn, I'm using a #4 medium worsted weight yarn.


  • You’ll need a crochet hook + knitting needles in the same size, or hook 1 size larger.


  1. Start with a slip knot on the crochet hook.
  2. Place the needle on the left, and hook on the right.Needle on left, hook on right.
  3. Wrap yarn from back to left and over both needle & hook.Wrap yarn around both.
  4. Grab the yarn with the hook.
  5. Pull yarn through the slip knot on the hook. You have cast on 1 stitch to the needle.1 stitch cast on.
  6. Repeat: yo, pull through slip knot.
  7. Cast on until 1 less than your pattern calls for.
  8. Slip last st on to the needle.
  9. Now turn and knit!

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