Crochet and Knitting for Mindfulness a Healthy Hobby

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Long time crocheters and knitters know that their hobby comes with many mental health benefits. New knitters and crocheters are learning about how soothing these fiber arts are for an anxious mind.

2020 was a year where many of us found ourselves with more time at home. For some of us that time was not free.

It was (and still is) time spent schooling our children, juggling working at home, and just trying to meet the needs of our families in the middle of very difficult and uncontrollable circumstances.

However, some found they were at home more, and with less to do. The usual entertainments weren’t available.

So they have taken up hobbies, like crocheting or knitting, or various other art forms. Others reignited their love for hobbies of the past.

This year we welcomed many new and returning crocheters and knitters to our ranks. They have begun to see how helpful crocheting + knitting is in terms of relaxation, and stress relief.

Learning to crochet and knit are one of the healthiest hobbies adults can pick up. There are proven benefits to your state of mind, outlook and mood.

Who could use a boost in mind and mood? I’m going to venture to say all of us.

Even in a “good” year, the strain and stress of daily life takes it’s toll. We cram more and more on our to do list, and take less and less time for ourselves.

This year it became glaringly obvious to us that self care and mindfulness are necessities. Even, or especially, in the midst of so much going on, it is important to care for yourself, both physically, and mentally.

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Why Crochet or Knit?

Personally, I find one of the best ways to be mindful is to crochet or knit a few rows. I have to stop all the hustle and bustle of the day, and sit with my yarn and my thoughts.

The repetition is soothing, and allows my mind to wander. I can review my day. Make a mental list. Pray. Meditate. Make a plan. It’s a time I can relax into the motions, and just be.

Or, if I’m too tired to even think (most of the time). This crochet time becomes a soothing way to spend my evening.

Enjoying a show with my husband or listening to my audiobook are my favorite ways to enjoy my yarn time.

If I want a challenge, then I can choose a more in depth knitting or crochet pattern. One that might require me to count, plan and pay close attention to is going to create a different crochet experience.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou

What are the Benefits of Crocheting + Knitting?

  1. Crocheting and knitting create a sense of accomplishment.
  2. Creating crochet and knit projects boost confidence and creativity.
  3. Having a knit or crochet project in the works creates a sense of purpose.
  4. Knitting and crochet give you control over easier decisions (pattern, colors, etc.) than your typical daily/work life decisions.
  5. Build community with others who share your interest.
  6. Give back by donating hats, blankets, scarves to those in need in your area.

Who is Crochet + Knit for?

The answer is simple, anyone.

Even if you don’t think of yourself as crafty. Creativity begets creativity. You can learn and grow and build on your skills. That’s one of the reasons it’s so healing.

For busy parents it’s an easy pastime to set down when you have to go make dinner. And pick back up again once the kids are in bed.

Or maybe you work long hours. A nice easy, repetitive make for the evening may be just what you need. Enjoy learning a new stitch or skill on the weekend, when you’re fresh and have more time.

Grandmothers teacher their grandchildren. Mothers and daughters share crocheting time together.

Knitting and crochet are crafts that men or women can pick up. My husband learned to crochet from his mother, long before I ever did. I still have the scarf he crocheted me.

I love that we can share these skills with our loved ones. And for those of us who are first in our families or circles to crochet or knit, then there are plenty of books, videos, and blogs like this one to teach us.

picture of nebbia scarf in chunky yarn free pattern

What to Crochet for a First Project?

Scarves are a popular choice, as crocheting and knitting flat are both easiest to learn. The Nebbia Scarf is an easy first crochet scarf to make.

Hats are very popular. They’re useful and fast. The Chunky Bear Beanie pattern is a beginner friendly crochet hat pattern.

The Cara Crochet Face Scrubby is a great first project to try if you’re new to crocheting.

picture of cream Bella vita knit blanket on circular kitting needles
Bella Vita Blanket

What to Knit for a First Project?

New knitters will enjoy this Chunky Knit Ear Warmer for a first knitting project.

The Bianca Bookmark is a super small and quick knit. This is a perfect beginner knitting pattern.

This Easy Knit Scarf pattern is a great first scarf to knit. You only need to know one stitch.

Read More Articles on How Crochet + Knitting are Beneficial

  1. Craft Yarn Council Study is a great overview of the benefits of crocheting and knitting, as polled by 3,000+ people.
  2. LoveCrafts has a great article on the topic and includes a few patterns for mood blankets, which really speaks to the mindfulness of the hobby.
  3. Anxiety Resource Center Betty Houtman is a knitter and crocheter who is also a nurse that uses these skills to help others.
  4. Creative Interventions and Activities Clearinghouse Michelle Borst Polino is a counselor who works with the elderly battling dementia.

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