Jeremy the Jack Russell Crochet Pattern Review

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I love crocheting goodies for my kiddos, but if you’ve been following me for a bit, you won’t see much in the way of amigurumi patterns. So when my soon to be 7 year old asked for a crochet puppy I briefly contemplated creating my own pattern, but opted for this sweet little Jack Russell pup instead!

I chose this cutie because he reminded me of our greyhound, Kingsley who we lost earlier this year to cancer. While I could have chosen a greyhound pattern, those slender bodies and limbs aren’t quite as cuddly as I thought my son was looking for a stuffed pup. The Jack Russell pattern by Little Green Bear has some similarities, but is definitely higher on the cuddle factor.

I first found Kelly of Little Green Bear on Instagram. You can follow her here if you love seeing adorable amigurumis in the making and in the “wild.” All of her amis are too cute! And her pictures just make me smile.

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I think I need to make his smile bigger!

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What I love about this pattern

Purchase the Jeremy the Jack Russell Pattern from Little Green Bear’s Etsy shop.

It’s very clear and well written. She offers both US and UK terms, so you don’t have to do the conversion yourself. That’s a huge plus if you’re used to one or the other!

Plus the pattern includes tons of pictures. There are step by instructions for color changes and stitch explanations with photo support. She has a great way of bringing your attention to changes so it’s easier to remember.

I don’t know about you, but for those of us who don’t do amigurumi all the time the assembly can be intimidating. Or even if you’re good at sewing, sometimes getting everything into position is just challenging. I love that she has a blog where she gives detailed explanations, with (yay!) more photos.

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I had to make the optional collar out of my colorful 7 year olds favorite yarn!

Check out all Little Green Bear’s Tips and Tricks for Amigurumi here.

She even titles the sewing “The Dreaded Sewing” haha. So you’re not alone if that’s the hardest part for you. And like most things, patience and practice go a long way!

Visit Little Green Bear Shop on




Buy the Jeremy the Jack Russell PDF Pattern

I really enjoyed crocheting this little guy and my big guy loves him too. I’ll definitely check Little Green Bear first for any amigurumi requests from my kids. I love her patterns and all the pictures and support really help!

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