Cara Crochet Face Scrubby Pattern Free and Easy For Beginners

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The Cara Crochet Face Scrubby Pattern is crocheted in a classic square design. A simple mix of crochet stitches creates a lightly textured scrubby surface. Crochet the Cara Face Scrubby in cotton yarn for easy washing and drying.

Take time for self care with these easy to crochet face scrubbies. Crochet several with scrap cotton yarn from your stash. With just one ball of yarn you can make multiple scrubbies so you’ll always have a fresh one.

Are crochet face scrubbies any good?

One of the benefits to crocheting your own face scrubby is they’re reusable. Cotton yarn is machine washable, and dryer friendly. Plus your crochet face scrubbies will get softer with every washing.

picture of dark wooden crochet hook and mint green square crochet face scrubby

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Scroll down for the free crochet scrubby pattern or you can purchase a well formatted, ad-free pdf which includes the Face Scrubby Wrapper Label Printable too, in my Etsy shop.

How to use crochet face scrubbies?

To use your face scrubby wet it in warm water. Add a small amount of face soap, and gently rub on your face. Rinse your skin and the scrubby with cool water.

When you’re finished using your crochet face scrubby, wring it out. Then just toss it in the wash. These scrubbies use very little yarn so you can crochet a bunch from one skein or less.

For more one skein crochet patterns check out my round up of 20+ free crochet patterns that use just one skein of yarn.

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picture of pin image of mint green crochet face scrubbies and make up bag

You can also purchase just the Scrubby Wrappers PDF for printing at home. These are so useful for gifting crochet scrubbies.

What kind of yarn do I need for a scrubby?

I would highly recommend 100% cotton yarn for this crochet face scrubby pattern. I crocheted these face scrubbies with yarn I had in my stash. The scrubbies pictured are in Peaches ‘n Creme cotton yarn in the color mint.

Other yarns suitable for crochet face scrubbies would be Red Heart Smoothie Scrubby which I used in my Bria Crochet Washcloth Pattern.

I held two strands of it together for the Heart Pocket Face Scrubby Pattern. Or for a good exfoliation Red Heart Scrubby Yarn is highly textured. You can shop both these yarns here: Shop Red Heart Products

Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton is a super soft cotton yarn. It would make a great face scrubby yarn. I’ve used it for my toddler sun hat crochet pattern, and in several crochet tote bags, but most recently in Annie’s Bag.

picture of free printable face scrubby labels for crochet scrubby

How to gift crochet face scrubbies?

Crochet face scrubbies make an excellent handmade self care gift. Crochet a set in a friend’s favorite color. Pair them with a delicious hand made soap like this Hibiscus Conditioning Bar from The Real Crafty Mom.

I’ve created a free printable face scrubby label to wrap around them too. To make these easy to gift, the packaging identifies 1. what they are 2. what they’re made with 3. that they’re washable. Just print, wrap and eccolá!

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The Stitch

This classic square crochet face scrubby pattern is made with single crochet stitches. To get that lightly textured surface you’ll alternate crocheting under the front loop (flo) and back loop (blo) of the stitches.

The easy texture of alternating front loop and back loop is one of my favorites to use in my designs. It’s simple to do, and looks fantastic. I used the same idea in my Nebbia Chunky Crochet Sweater Pattern and the matching Nebbia Chunky Scarf Pattern, but these feature double crochets.

Another thing I love about these crochet face scrubbies is the double sided texture. Since this scrubby is worked flat in a square it’s the same on both sides.

The Suzette Stitch is another great lightly textured crochet stitch. Breann at Hooked on Homemade Happiness has a great tutorial on this stitch.


  • 15-20 yds (per scrubby) of #4 medium worsted weight yarn, cotton yarn recommended
  • 5mm hook pictured is my Furls Streamline in Ebony, love the ergonomic handle on these handmade hooks.
  • Yarn needle, Measuring tape, Scissors

*You can really use any size crochet hook that is compatible with the yarn you’re using. The size of your crochet scrubby doesn’t have to be exact, unless you want it to be.




  1. Ch 1 at the start of a row does not count as st.
  2. Stitch multiple is an odd number, plus 1 for the starting chain.



2″ x 2″ =7 sc x 7 rows of sc


 This square crochet scrubby pattern is worked flat in rows. 


To adjust the width of your crochet scrubby you need an odd number of stitches, plus 1 for the starting chain.

To change the scrubby length, adjust the number of rows.

Cara Crochet Scrubby Video

You can watch the full video tutorial for this scrubby on my YouTube.

Crochet Scrubby Pattern

Ch 16

Row 1. Sc in 2nd ch from your hook & each ch across, turn. (15 sts)

picture of row 1 mint green single crochet stitches

Row 2. Ch 1, in same st sc, in next st flo sc, *{in next st blo sc, in next st flo sc}, continue to repeat from * across til one st is left, sc in last st, turn. (15 sts)

picture of mint green cotton yarn textured single crochet row

Rows 3-12. Rep Row 2 til square measures 4”

picture of 3rd row tutorial crochet hook wood

Row 13. Ch 1, sc in each st across.  


Cut yarn and weave in ends.

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  1. Hi Jane,

    You know, I don’t right now. Thanks for asking, I’ll have to change that! I definitely think you could crochet this scrubby pattern larger for a nice dishcloth. I’d recommend doubling the starting chain to 32. That should give you about an 8″ wide dishcloth. I hope that helps!

    Have a great weekend,