Crochet Granny Square Patterns that Feature the Granny Stitch

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Happy National Granny Square Day! To celebrate the classic granny square we’ve compiled these amazing crochet patterns featuring the granny stitch!

August 15th is National Granny Square Day so we’re introducing the Stitching with Granny Bundle!  

I am so excited to share these amazing granny stitch crochet patterns! If you’ve ever wondered what you can make with a granny square, here are some fabulous ideas.

Collage of crochet granny square patterns.
Here are a few of the gorgeous grannies included in this pattern bundle!

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The Stitching with Granny Bundle includes my Canyon Scarf Pattern!  The Canyon Scarf is an easy granny triangle crochet scarf pattern that can worked into a full size shawl.

This bundle is more than just another granny square pattern. All of the patterns included in this collection use the granny stitch in either classic or creative ways!

From modern color work, to it being used alongside other crochet stitches to create beautiful makes, there’s something for everyone.

Granny stitch crochet pattern bundle image collage.

As this is a brand-new collection of crochet patterns, I’m able to offer it to you at a specially discounted launch price!  

The normal price for this crochet pattern bundle will be $19.95, but for this weekend only, you can get all 23 crochet patterns included for just $12.95!!! 

That’s a huge discount on an already great saving for all these beautiful crochet patterns. 


This discounted price is only available this weekend! The price will increase at Midnight on Monday evening – I really don’t want you to miss out on getting my Canyon Scarf Pattern for less than $0.60!  

That’s right, with the bundle priced at just $12.95, each pattern costs less than $0.60! It’s such a  good deal!  

I can’t quite believe it’s possible to discount these amazing patterns to such a crazy, low price!!  You can get ALL 23 Patterns for just $12.95! 

This bundle is only available at the amazing low price of $12.95 until 16th August 2021! After that the price increases – so don’t delay in getting your copy!  

Click the button below to get your copy of the Stitching with Granny Bundle 

Stitching With Granny Buy the Bundle button in green overlay.

If you’re thinking, do I really need all 23 crochet patterns?  

Well with over 23 crochet patterns included in the Stitching with Granny Bundle at just $12.95, each pattern costing less than $0.60 – you’re making such a savings.  

The average full cost of a crochet pattern is $4.00 so you’d only need to use 4 of the 23 different crochet patterns included in the collection to save some serious money.


There are so many different ways to use the granny stitch and whether you’re a gift maker or just making for yourself, you’ll find something that everyone will love! 

There are wall hanging, blankets, cardigan patterns and so much more!  

Collage of scarf, bag and shawl granny patterns.
Ah, so many lovely patterns!

I still can’t get over my excitement that my own design, Canyon Scarf, is also included! Yep – you can get a copy of my pattern for less than $0.60!! 


Woman in white with color granny triangle scarf crochet pattern with tassels.
The Canyon Scarf features the granny stitch and tassels!

The bundle is only available at the unbelievably low price of $12.95 until midnight August 16, 2021, then the price increases to $19.95!  

Square collage of the patterns in the crochet granny stitch bundle.
Isn’t it amazing all the patterns you can stitch with a granny?


Scroll Down to View ALL the Gorgeous Granny Stitch Patterns

Crochet Granny Square Patterns

Browse the gorgeous granny stitch patterns that are a part of the Stitching With Granny crochet pattern bundle!

Get the Stitching WIth Granny Bundle here!


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