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20 One Skein Crochet Patterns

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Here are 20+ One Skein Crochet Patterns all in one place. These free crochet patterns only use one ball of yarn each.

I’m sure we all have at least one skein of yarn. Likely, you have lots of single skeins of yarn in your stash. Which means you need lots of ideas for one skein crochet projects!

Often I will grab one ball of yarn just because it’s pretty. And there it sits on my shelf. With all these one skein projects in one place it’s easy to choose.

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Have you asked yourself, what can I make with just one skein of yarn? I have, so I made a list.

Take a look for some crochet inspiration and check your yarn stash to see what you can crochet.

Most of these one skein patterns are beginner friendly. I aim to write crochet patterns for beginners. So often, I will include photo and/or video in the pattern to help support you.

Collage of one skein crochet patterns.
A one skein scarf is perfect in summer!

How They’re Organized

The one skein crochet patterns are divided by yarn weight. The list starts with #3 DK lightweight yarn, then #4 medium worsted weight yarn patterns, #5 bulky yarn patterns and finally, #6 super bulky yarn patterns.

Then, theses one skein projects are grouped by category within the section. So all of the one skein hats are together, scarves, cowls, etc.

Within those yarn weights and categories, the patterns are alphabetized. So you can skim down to the yarn weight you have most of and check those out.

Each listing includes a little picture and description of each crochet pattern. I also include the specific yarn I used for the sample pattern.

Click the Continue Reading button to go to the pattern post. From there you can check yarn yardage and get all the pattern details. View the crochet patterns free here on the blog.

I hope you can find a new project to work on with the yarn you have on hand!

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Collage of one skein crochet patterns.

I sure do love crocheting hats. These Double Crochet V-Stitch Beanies from LoopinglyMade are so cute.

What stash buster patterns these hats are with the striping!

One Skein Crochet Patterns

Find a crochet pattern for that single ball of yarn in your stash. All these crochet patterns require only one skein of yarn to complete.

I hope you have enjoyed perusing these free one skein crochet patterns I put together. It’s always fun to find a one skein crochet project you can pair with the yarn you already have in your stash. and enjoy some crochet time.

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