Half Double Crochet (HDC) Stitch Photo Tutorial

Recently I’ve been working up a crochet hat using the half double crochet stitch. I took a few pictures as I worked so I could show you, step by step, how it’s made.

Half double crochet is a fast and easy little stitch that is used in many crochet patterns. It’s taller than a single crochet, but not quite as tall as a double crochet stitch, therefore coined half double crochet. In written patterns, it’s abbreviated ‘HDC.’ I’m referring to US terminology so be sure to check your pattern, as many designers use UK terminology, which differs.

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Any size crochet hook, size H is a good starter hook.

Any weight yarn, worsted weight is a beginner friendly yarn.

Half Double Crochet Photo Tutorial:

half double crochet

Begin with one loop on your hook.

half double crochet

Yarn over, now you have two loops on your hook.

half double crochet

Insert your hook into the stitch to be worked.

half double crochet

Now yarn over again.

half double crochet

Pull your hook and the yarn through the stitch. Now you have three loops on your hook.

half double crochet

Then yarn over again.

half double crochet

Finally, pull your hook and yarn through all three loops on your hook, and your HDC stitch is formed.



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half double crochet


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