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How To Add A Hanging Loop To Your Crochet Dishcloth

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Learn how to easily add a loop to your crochet dishcloth. These loops are a great way to hang your crochet washcloths to dry.

Crochet dishcloths are a great project for beginner crocheters. A simple square dishcloth or easy washcloth pattern is hard to beat.

They’re the perfect gift in summer too. We have plenty of birthdays in the summer and dishcloths are so fun to make.

Crochet dishcloth in green with loop.
The Cara features a simple chain loop and it’s a free crochet dishcloth pattern.

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You might like the Cara Dishcloth which has only one repeat row and it’s a free pattern here. This easy crochet dishcloth pattern is made by alternating working into only the front loop and back loop.

I love that the texture is the same on this one whether you’re on the right side of the work or the wrong side! It’s such an easy pattern for any level crocheter.

3 beginner dishcloths

Plus 2 Gift Tags!

Three crochet patterns for simple dishcloths using the basic stitches. These totally beginner friendly crochet dishcloths patterns are easy to make. The pattern includes 3 dishcloths patterns complete with photo tutorials and video tutorial links. Plus 2 printables: circle gift tags and a label wrapper that’s perfect for gifting or displaying at craft fairs.


  • #4 medium weight yarn* (100% cotton, 190 yd / 100 g). The best choice is a 100% cotton yarn or a cotton blend for dishcloths and washcloths.
  • Here I’m using a 4.5 mm hook* (US size G+)*, or crochet hook size needed to meet gauge.
  • Yarn needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors

Skill Level



US terms

ch – chain

sc – single crochet

sl st – slip stitch

Mint dishcloth square on white with loop.
The white dishcloth features a thicker single crochet hanging loop.


In this tutorial below I show you a few different ways to add a loop, whether you have finished your dishcloth or not.

I always recommend adding a single crochet border around your dishcloths, even if you’re adding a fancier border.

In this tutorial I’m using one of my basic dishcloth crochet patterns, the half double crochet dishcloth. There is also a single crochet dishcloth pattern and this dishcloth made with double crochet stitches.

The moss stitch is easy if you like to learn new stitches you can find the free crochet pattern here.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial on my YouTube.

Scroll down for the written pattern with pictures!

Close up of hanging loop for dishcloth.

How To Add A Loop For Hanging Your Crochet Dishcloth

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 5 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 1 minute
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

Learn how to make a loop for hanging your crochet dishcloths and washcloth in this easy step by step photo tutorial with video.


  • Your finished (or almost complete) washcloth or dishcloth.
  • Yarn of the same weight and color.


  • Crochet hook to match your yarn.
  • Yarn needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors


If your dishcloth is still on your hook:

  1. To add a loop for hanging, continue from the last corner. White crochet dishcloth with last loop on hook.
  2. Ch 15. 15 chains in white yarn on corner.This gave me about an 1.5”/3.8cm loop for hanging, you can additional chains to suit your needs. Remember it should be about twice as long as you want your finished loop.
  3. Fold the length of chain down back to corner st and sl st to join.Length of chain folded over finger to join at corner.

If you have already finished your dishcloth completely:

  1. Insert hook into any corner stitch.Insert hook in corner stitch.
  2. Join yarn with a sl st to attach it.New yarn joined with slip stitch in mint color.
  3. Then follow the same instructions as above.Hands holding white hook and crocheting mint colored chain.

For a thicker hanging loop:

  1. If you are familiar with foundation stitches then I recommend using a foundation sc here.
  2. Otherwise you can start with the above instructions, then add one more chain for a turning chain.
  3. Skip the first chain and insert hook in the 2nd ch from your hook Insert hook in 2nd chain.and work a sc.Single crochet in next chain.
  4. Sc in the next chain.Single crochet down the chain.
  5. Continue working sc into each chain.Length of single crochet for loop.
  6. Now bring the end where you made the first stitch down to the corner stitch, creating the loop.Slip stitch loop to corner.
  7. Sl st to join it.


  1. Pull up a long loop.
  2. Cut yarn.Red yarn needle with end of yarn threaded through.
  3. And weave in ends using the yarn needle.

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