How Long Does It Take to Crochet a Scarf?

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Crocheting a scarf takes a few hours to several hours of your time. If you’re new to crocheting then you might wonder how long it will take you to crochet a scarf.

Of course the answer is, it depends. However, a narrow scarf that uses just one skein of yarn is going work up faster since it doesn’t take much yarn or much time.

Things we have to consider to truly answer this question of time are: the yarn weight, the crochet pattern complexity, your skill level, the scarf length and width, and the hook size.

Close up of blue crochet scarf stitches with open lace and shells.
The Liguria is a narrow, one skein scarf.

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It might take some crocheters about 2 hours to crochet a narrow 4-5″ scarf that’s 60″ long, like this one. That’s if you’re working in worsted weight yarn.

The Weight of the Yarn Matters

If you’re working in bulky yarn, or crocheting an infinity scarf then it’s going to effect how long it takes you. For a wider or longer scarf, you’re going to need more time.

Chunky yarn and super bulky scarves will work up much faster than scarves worked in fingering weight yarn or dk yarn.

Crochet triangle scarf in hand dyed yarn on table with daisies.
The Tuscan Triangle Scarf is a simple single crochet pattern in fingering weight yarn.

The weight of the yarn is the thickness of the yarn strand. The thicker weight yarns are #4 medium worsted weight yarn, #5 bulky weight yarn and #6 super bulky yarn. These yarns will crochet up faster than lighter weight yarns.

The thinner yarns correspond to the lower yarn weight numbers. The thinnest yarn is #0 lace weight yarn. Then there is #1 fingering weight yarn, #2 sport weight yarn and #3 DK or lightweight yarn. These yarns take more time to crochet.

Black, grey and beige striped scarf with hook.
This simple single crochet scarf works up more quickly in #5 bulky yarn.

The Type Of Yarn

The type of yarn you crochet with can also effect your speed. Different yarns are made from different fibers like wool, acrylic, and cotton.

Cotton yarns tend to slow me down. It “catches” more on all the places it rubs: the yarn bowl,* my fingers, the hook. This can be hard on my hands. To combat these effects I use the best hooks for hand health I can afford.

Very smooth, slippery yarns will glide along more easily.

Pattern Complexity

A lot of the time is takes to crochet a scarf will depend on the difficulty of the stitch pattern. Something more complicated takes longer. 

Even though the scarf in the picture above is made with single crochet (the shortest stitch), it’s a simple pattern made in thicker, #5 chunky yarn. So this will work up faster than a #3 lightweight yarn scarf with a complicated stitch pattern, or many color changes.

Crochet scarf of varying autumn colors in progress.
The Iseo Scarf uses color changes at the center and ends.

It’s likely most crocheters could make a simple scarf in chunky yarn in about 1 -2 hours. This type of scarf makes a great first project.

When you work in double crochet stitch your crochet project grows in length more quickly than single crochet stitches, which are shorter.

Skill Level

A new crocheter will take more time to crochet a scarf than an experienced crocheter. Obviously this is normal. It just takes time and practice to get faster. When you’re new, even ten minutes a day to crochet a few rows is a great way to get better!

Length And Width

Not all scarves are created equal. A wider scarf will take longer to crochet than a narrow one. Likewise, longer crochet scarves take more time to make, even if the pattern is simple.

Crochet Hook Size Matters

The size of the crochet hook effects what size your stitches are (and how much yarn you use). A large hook with thick yarn makes large stitches that create “size” faster.

Likewise, a large hook with a thinner yarn uses more yarn and works up the “fabric” of your scarf faster. However, this pairing also means you’ll have more space due to the large hook size. This can result in a beautiful lacy, open design even in a simple pattern.

Needle size is usually matched with your yarn weight. For instance, #4 worsted weight yarn goes well with 4mm – 6mm needle sizes. Your pattern will tell you how much yarn, what weight yarn to use and which knitting needles. Your yarn label includes the recommended needle size too. 

Just like yarn weight, when knitting with smaller needles it takes longer to knit. The larger needle sizes will knit “faster” because each stitch is larger uses more yarn. Therefore the number of stitches you need to knit the same 60″ scarf will be far less.

Close up of scarf looped through.
This chunky scarf is so fast with a 9mm hook + 2 balls of Wool Ease Thick & Quick!

More Crochet Scarf Patterns

You can check out all my crochet scarf patterns here. Many of them use basic crochet stitches and 1 – 2 skeins of yarn.

Depending on your crochet skills, the Merletto Scarf is an easy pattern for summer that works up quickly with v-stitches. It has a single repeat row, so you’ll have it memorized which makes it speedier too.

Woman in white dress with pick lacy crochet scarf on.

The Basic Stitches / Abbreviations to Crochet a Scarf

chain – chain stitches are the first step in getting started crocheting!

chain space – the space made when you crochet chain.

double crochet

foundation chain – this comes before the first row. Here’s how to crochet the foundation half double crochet.

half double crochet

single crochet

slip knot – how we get the yarn on your hook.

slip stitch – often used to join a round, or new yarn.

Tools / Materials Needed

Yarn, I have a post about the best yarns to crochet with here.

Crochet hook, check out my guide on hooks for beginners.

Tapestry needle, or yarn needle for weaving in ends.

Scissors to trim ends of yarn.

Measuring tape for checking gauge and size of your finished scarf.

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