Free Crochet Patterns for Christmas

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These crochet patterns are perfect for the holiday season. Whether they’re Christmas themed, or make great Christmas gifts, they’re all easy to crochet!

Often time we are inspired by the colors of Christmas around us. The reds and greens make the project feel festive.

But they don’t have to feature Christmas colors to be a perfect holiday make. And often I aim for non Christmas colors to make an outfit, for instance, more year around friendly.

Crochet Christmas tree coaster and mug on wood table.

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That may be just the mom in me, since kids grow through everything before you know it. I do love a sweet holiday outfit though!

Some of the crochet patterns below include those Christmasy colors. But, some of them don’t.

The colors we choose to crochet in are a personal choice. Or often we choose the color to match what the recipient wants.

Side view crochet curly elf hat pattern christmas free pattern.

Sure, Uncle Tom I’ll make you another black hat. Thank goodness for my Ottlite.

If you take a basic crochet hat pattern and whip it up in red and green, then it’s a Christmas hat. But what if I choose my team’s colors to crochet the same hat?

Now I have crocheted up some team spirit! So use your imagination. These patterns can be purposed for Christmas, or any time, depending on your need.


All of these crochet patterns use #4 worsted weight yarn. This makes getting just the right yarn pretty easy.

Am I the only one who uses up all of my reds and greens before December even gets here?

Some of my favorite yarns in this category are Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn, Red Heart With Love, and Lion Brand’s Heartland.

Small balls of red and green yarn, hook, scissors next to crochet dishcloth.

Red Heart* has all the colors! I love being able to chose the precise shade I’m looking for in a yarn.

Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn* is so soft. Especially for the price point. This one is a favorite of mine for garments and cozy crochet blankets.

Lion Brand’s Heartland* has subtle color variations that add dimension. These are beautiful and the yarn is so shiny.

What’s your favorite worsted weight yarn to crochet with these days?


These Crochet Christmas Patterns use either a 5mm (H-8) or a 6mm (J-10) crochet hook.

Of course, if your personal tension is tighter or looser you’ll have to adjust your hook size to meet gauge.

Checking gauge is important, especially on sized item. The crochet hats and cup cozy patterns are definitely ones you’ll want to be sure you’re meeting gauge.

Two crochet cones in brown and green on white table.

There’s more wiggle room when crocheting blankets and other things, like the appliqués. Unless you want your finished items to be the exact size. In that case, check gauge!

I love crocheting with my ergonomic hooks from Furls*. They keep my hands comfortable, and it helps that they’re beautiful.

Crocheting with comfort is especially important on long projects like blankets. Or, if like me, you crochet every day!

Investing in your hand health is worth it!

These crochet snowflake tree decorations are super cute! I love a fast and fun project this one from Crochet ‘n’ Create.


Sometimes we need a little inspiration for the holiday. I hope these Christmas themed crochet patterns will do the trick for you!

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