31 Crochet Patterns For Spring

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Add these spring crochet patterns to your list ideas to make! These projects are both fun and functional for spring.

All the patterns, including cardigan, sweaters, wraps, scarves, shawls and hats are designed with the transition from winter to spring in mind.

There are quite a few projects for your home too. Spring cleaning is real, and some of these home decor projects make sprucing up a breeze.

Most of us enjoy that time every year when the weather starts changing. We’re ready to head outdoors into the sunshine.

Collage of spring style patterns.

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But it can still be fairly cold in the mornings and evening. I love pieces that I can style for warmth in the morning and tuck away in the warmer afternoons.

Let check out all the projects in this round up of Spring Style Crochet Patterns!

Here is a collage of the patterns. Scroll down below for a larger picture, small description and link to the pattern!

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If you love them all, and you prefer pdfs, you can purchase the Spring Style Bundle which includes all 31 of these crochet patterns!

31 crochet patterns for spring in a collage.

Spring Style

31 crochet patterns to make for your spring wardrobe.

Purchase the bundle now and have all these crochet patterns in pdf format!

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Collage of crochet patterns for spring style bundle.

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