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Easy Crochet Washcloth Pattern | Grana Washcloth

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The Grana is a textured washcloth crochet pattern that’s easy to make. This beautiful crochet cloth is a simple one row repeat, made with basic crochet stitches, so it’s great for beginners.

Crochet this cloth in cotton yarn for absorbency and ease of cleaning. Crochet washcloths are good for using in bathrooms, and around the house.

This stitch texture may be my favorite washcloth pattern yet!

Crochet washcloth pattern easy to make in beige cotton yarn on wood backdrop.
This texture is giving me all the farmhouse vibes!

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You can crochet a dishcloth by adding length this one, if you prefer to use these in the kitchen. They’re a great reusable project for anytime of the year.

Are crocheted washcloths good?

One of the benefits to crocheting a washcloth is that they’re reusable. You should use a cotton yarn (or blend) and cotton yarn is machine washable, and dryer friendly.

Plus your crochet washcloths will get softer with every washing. We use a lot of washcloths, with four kids in the house, so having a plenty to choose from is helpful.

The Stitch

I also use this stitch in the Trentino Pillow which is a reversible crochet pillow pattern that features a geometric design in two colors. The color changes look amazing in the crochet grit stitch!

The texture is made with double crochet stitches and the single crochet stitch. I knew it would make an easy crochet dishcloth or washcloth.

Easy crochet washcloth texture up close in beige cotton yarn.
I love this stitch texture!

Crochet Washcloth Patterns

The best stitches to use for crochet washcloth patterns are those with texture, like the lemon peel stitch, and the easy front and back loop single crochet stitch like for the Cara Dishcloth. The Cara is a quick and easy crochet dishcloth pattern.

The Bria is a variegated cotton yarn washcloth pattern with a simple, but textured stitch as well. The Wild Lupine is a total scrap buster washcloth pattern. The stitch pattern reminds me of this one actually.

For this easy washcloth I use the grit stitch. I include a photo tutorial here in the pattern. You can also view how to crochet the grit stitch which includes a step by step video.

Corner of crochet washcloth pattern.
The cotton yarn makes for such crisp stitches!

If you are a beginner, you can crochet this washcloth. This lovely stitch texture for this easy crochet washcloth pattern is a simple pairing of single and double crochets.

What size is this crochet washcloth?

The Grana washcloth is a 8″/20cm x 8″/20cm square washcloth. I also includes sizes for 4″, 6″ and 12″ in the pattern instructions.

The one pictured here just uses one ball of the Big Twist cotton yarn. To crochet the larger one, you’ll need two balls.

Below under Size Adjustments, I include how many chains to start with for each size. Plus there are instructions for adjusting to a completely custom washcloth size.

Crochet washcloth with texture in beige cotton yarn on blue background.
The stitches really pop in light colored cotton yarn.

To keep your crochet washcloth in good condition

It’s important to dry out your washcloths, dishcloths, face scrubbies, or any thing that gets wet. The thicker the material, the longer it will take to dry.

To keep your crochet washcloths fresh, wring out all the water once you’re finished. Then be sure to hang to dry between uses. And change them out regularly.

This just means you get to crochet that many more, so you have plenty on hand that are clean and ready to use!

More free crochet patterns

You might also like the Buco Kitchen Towel crochet pattern. This one features a loop to secure it on, so it doesn’t fall off. It can also be used as a crochet dishcloth pattern.

Edges of washcloth in single crochet.
A single crochet, chain 1 and single crochet keep the corners neat on the border.


For crochet washcloths, and dishcloths you want to use cotton yarn. That’s because it’s absorbent, and holds up well to washing and drying.

The yarn I use is from Joann’s, it’s Big Twist. It’s a worsted weight cotton yarn. It’s a cotton blend yarn consisting of 85% cotton,15%polyester. The ball includes 131 yd/120m; 2.65oz/55g.

1 ball (131 yd) was sufficient for this 8″ x 8″ washcloth, but if you want to make a larger 12″ dishcloth size then you’ll want to get another ball of yarn.

For this washcloth tutorial, I’m using a 4mm US G-4 crochet hook-my Furls ergonomic Streamline, and a #4 medium worsted weight yarn.

Stitches/Abbreviations (US Terms)

You can click on any of these links for a step by step tutorial on how to crochet these stitches.


dc-double crochet


sc-single crochet 

sk-skip the indicated stitch 



  1. The stitch multiple for this cloth is an odd number, plus 2 for the foundation chain.
  2. Ch 1 at the beginning of the row counts as a single crochet. This keeps the edges nice and straight. However, chains can be rather tight, or small so you may want to crochet this first chain loosely.


4″/10cm x 4″/10cm = 15 sts x 14 rows in the pattern

Square crochet washcloth in beige on blue back ground.
8″ x 8″ square washcloth

Finished Size

Once complete, the finished size of this washcloth is 8″/20cm x 8″/20cm square. This includes the simple single crochet border.

Size Adjustments

To crochet a smaller cloth, 4″/10cm start with 21 chains and follow the pattern. This size makes a nice crochet face cloth pattern.

For a medium 6″/15cm size washcloth, start with 25 chains for and follow the pattern instructions. These medium size washcloths are great for babies, toddlers and littles in general.

For a large washcloth size (or dishcloth) of 12″/30.5cm start with 49 chains, and follow the pattern directions. This size would make a lovely crochet spa washcloth, especially if you pair it with a crochet loofah.

Remember to adjust for yarn requirements if you make any changes, you’ll need more yarn!

To make more adjustments to the width of your cloth, start with an odd number, plus 2 more for the starting chain.

For length adjustments, simply crochet more or less rows in the pattern.

The pattern is written for a square washcloth. However, you can create a rectangle to use as a dishcloth, hand towel, etc by crocheting a longer length than your width.


PIN IMAGE crochet washcloth pattern in beige cotton yarn.

Scroll down for the Free Washcloth Crochet Pattern!

Crochet washcloth in beige cotton yarn, close up.

How to Crochet a Washcloth Pattern

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 32 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2

The Grana is a simple crochet washcloth pattern. This easy one row repeat makes a gorgeous texture that's almost too pretty to clean with!


  • For this tutorial, I'm using a #4 medium worsted weight yarn, Big Twist cotton yarn. You can substitute other yarn brands, but use a cotton or cotton blend.


  • I'm using my 4mm US G-4 crochet hook. If your washcloth is coming out smaller or larger, it may help to go up or down a hoo size.



    For 4" ch 17

    For 6" ch 25

    For 8" ch 33 (this pattern)

    For 12" ch 49

    1. Row 1. (RS) Dc in the 3rd ch from your hook (sk chs count as the first sc), *{sk 1 ch, sc and dc in the next ch}, rep from * until last 2 sts, sk 1 ch, sc in the last ch, turn. (15, 23, 31, 47 sts)Row 1 complete crochet washcloth.
    2. Row 2. Ch 1 (counts as a sc here and throughout), dc in the same st, *{sk first dc, sc and dc in the next sc}, rep from* to last 2 sts, End of row 2 in crochet dishcloth tutorial.sk next dc, sc in turning ch, turn. (15, 23, 31, 47 sts)Crochet washcloth tutorial through row 3 ending.
    3. Repeat Row 2 for the desired length of your project.
    4. Suggested Lengths: For a 4″/10cm x 4″/10cm = rep row 2 for 14 rows total.
    5. For a 6″/15cm x 6″/15cm = rep row 2 for 21 rows total.
    6. For a 8"/20cm x 8"/20cm = rep row 2 for 28 rows total.
    7. For a 12″/30.5cm x 12″/30.5cm = rep row 2 for 42 rows total.
    8. Border-Continue from where you are, and single crochet evenly down the side, place a (sc, ch 1, sc) in each corner as you come to them and continue to sc evenly all the way around.Edges of washcloth in single crochet.
    9. Sl st to the first sc to join the border.
    10. Hanging Loop: To add a loop for hanging, continue from last corner (or join yarn with a sl st to any corner, if you're already finished).
    11. Ch 15, sl st back to corner st. This gave me about an 1.5”/3.8cm loop for hanging, you can adjust this to your needs. Close up of hanging loop for dishcloth.
    12. Cut the yarn and weave in your ends.


*Tip-The turning chain is the first ch 1 that counts as a single crochet in this stitch pattern. It may help to mark this ch 1 so it's easier to see, until you get used to it. And remember to ch 1 loosely.

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