Easy Knit Scarf Pattern

Easy Knit Scarf Pattern

Hi crochet (& knit) friends! Today I’m sharing this super simple knit scarf pattern. If you’ve been wanting to learn to knit then this is a great starter project. You’ll need to know the basics-casting on, the knit stitch, binding off, and that’s it.

I’ve linked up some video tutorials for you on these techniques with crocheters in mind. Which means that the videos use continental knitting style, where you hold the yarn in your left hand, just like in crochet. There’s another style of knitting (actually many more) called American and the yarn is held in your right hand. Many crocheters learn to knit continental style for this reason.

So grab some needles and yarn and get started! Finishing a simple scarf project will give you the confidence to learn how to purl next and then you’ll be knitting that gorgeous stockinette stitch we all love.

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I used my Knitter’s Pride Ginger Bamboo* needles (pictured) that I was gifted this Christmas, which are just fabulous. They come in a gorgeous case and include sizes 3-17 and 3 interchangeable cords. This is a worthy investment for avid knitters. I love that it includes big needles perfect for chunky yarn too.

For beginner knitters I’ve linked up Clover Takumi Needles below which are what I learned on. They provide a little more needle for you to hold on to, and the needle is not a slick as some, so your stitches stay in place.

Since this scarf is only 6″ wide I’ve linked up 9″ straight needles, I use circulars because that’s what I have. But if you’re purchasing needles for the first time, you might like straight needles. I find circulars more flexible, as you can knit larger pieces on them and knit in the round.

Tips for Beginning Knitters

  1. Keep your tension loose. When you make your stitches keep in mind that you will have to insert your needle back into that stitch on the next row.
  2. Start small. This scarf is not actually the first thing I learned to knit. If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t you can follow me here), then you know I started on a giant blanket! Really, it was big enough for a king bed. Long story short, I frogged it and redid it after completing many other knit projects!
  3. Don’t despair your mistakes. One of the absolute coolest things about knitting is how easy it is to fix mistakes. Check out this article (with video links!) on common beginner mistakes and how to fix them.
  4. One thing I found challenging when I first learned to knit was that there is a specific way to wrap the yarn around your needle, if you do it incorrectly then your stitches are twisted. I found this article helpful on twisted stitches and how to fix them.
  5. Don’t give up! Ask your questions, watch videos, read the tutorials. It’s so worth it. I love that I get to enjoy yarn in a whole new way and learning to knit has made me a better crocheter too. While I’m no expert, I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, so please ask!


Stitches/Skills needed

CO-cast on, here’s a great video tutorial for how to cast on with a crochet hook. 

K-knit, here’s a great video tutorial on how to do the knit or gauge stitch.

BO-bind off, this tutorial shows you how to use your crochet hook.


1. Scarf is worked flat, you will turn your work after each row.


4”= 16 sts x 24 rows

Finished dimensions

6” x 38”


I designed this scarf for my son so I kept the length shorter, but you can make yours as long as you like. 60” is a common length for adult size scarves.


CO 24 or to 6”

Row 1. K all.

Row 2.-212. Rep Row 1 or until you’ve reached 38”, or to your desired length.

BO. Cut yarn and weave in ends.

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