Juliet Coaster Free Crochet Coaster Pattern + Tutorial

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The Juliet Coaster is a free crochet coaster pattern with a feminine touch. There’s a simple elegance in the single crochet stitches paired with a picot stitch edge.

These crochet coasters are worked seamlessly. The free pattern includes full photo tutorial.

With the end of the school year approaching, handmade gifts become front of mind for many of us makers. I love crocheting teacher gifts.

Iced coffee on crochet coaster at wood table.

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With four kids, and some who have more than one teacher, I need those crochet projects to be small and fast.

Small and fast is important when I’m making crochet gifts. But, it isn’t everything. I also want the gift to be well received.

In the past, I’ve done one skein crochet cowls. Last year I created reusable crochet market tote bags. I aim for gifts I think they’ll love and/or find useful.

Cotton crochet coasters would make a great teacher gift by those standards. Small, fast and useful.

I hope the teachers can enjoy a frosty beverage while relaxing with their family around the pool this summer.

picture of glass of lemonade with lemon wheel on crochet coaster

A funny little side note about these glasses. We’ve had them forever. I’m not even sure where they came from-maybe my husband’s relatives.

A couple of nights ago we were watching Back to the Future on Netflix. {Yes I was crocheting!} It was my pick since I was going to crochet.

I wanted something to look up from my work at, when I needed, but not something that was going to distract me from it either.

Anyway, there’s a dinner scene near the beginning that caught my eye. Wouldn’t you know it, they were using the same exact glasses as these right here on my coaster. We had a good chuckle at that.

Download the Printable Coaster Gift Label

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Crochet Video Loving Friends

The Juliet Coaster Video is now available! Read on for the free written pattern + photo tutorial below.

Be sure to stop by my friend Rose’s new crochet YouTube Channel. Rose publishes her crochet patterns on LoopinglyMade.com. Her first video is How to Crochet Reversible C2C Prayer Wrap, which is a lovely pattern. Give her a view and subscribe if you like.

You can also purchase an ad-free pdf {scroll down for the free pattern}






  1. The border and edges are worked within the pattern.
  2. You’ll work on both sides of the foundation chain.
  3. To adjust the size of your coaster, start with any number of chains and then add 3.


sk-skip the indicated stitch  


ch sp-chain space


sc-single crochet 



2” x 2” = 8 sc x 8 rows




The picot edges are worked within the coaster pattern. You will work into both sides of the foundation chain. It may be a good idea to make your chain loose, so you can work into both sides easily.

Working into both sides of the foundation chain allows for creating the picot edge to start. Then you’ll be working the single crochet rows, starting each one with an edge picot. 

Finally, the last row will mirror the first. You’ll crochet the picots and single crochets across this last row. When you finish this row, the border is ready made!


4.5” x 4.5” square with picot edge

Video Tutorial

Watch the full, step by step Video Tutorial on may YouTube.


Ch 19 

Work into the back side of the foundation chain. 

Row 1. Sl st into 3rd ch from hook (1 picot made), sc in next ch, ch 3,

picture of first 4 steps to coaster row 1

sl st back into first ch of ch 3 (1 picot made),

picture of cream yarn picot stitch

sc in next 2 ch (of foundation chs),

picture of crochet coasters tutorial single crochets in white

*{ch 3, sl st back into first ch of ch 3, sc in next 2 chs (of foundation chs)} rep from * til one ch left, 

picture of coaster tutorial end to row 1

ch 3, sl st back to first ch, sc in last ch.

picture of coaster edge tutorial free crochet coaster pattern
Row 1 complete
picture of picot edge cream yarn
Turned and ready to work back along the bottom of the foundation chain.

Work around on the other side of the chain (into bottom of sc).

Row 2. Ch 3, sl st back to first ch, sc into bottom of first ch, and sc in each ch across, turn. (16 scs)

picture of picot edge row 2

Row 3. Ch 3, sl back to first ch made, sc in first sc and in each sc across, turn. (1 picot + 16 scs)

picture of row 3 crochet cotton coaster tutorial

Row 4. Ch 3, sl back to first ch made, sc in first sc and in each sc across, turn. (1 picot + 16 scs)

picture of coaster sc row 4

Row 5- 15. Rep row 4. 

picture of cream coaster half free crochet coaster pattern

Row 16. Ch 3, sl back to first ch made, sc in first sc, sc in next, *{ch 3, sl st back to first, sc in next two sts} rep from * to end. 

picture of final picot border edge of coaster tutorial


Cut yarn and weave in ends.

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