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How to Single Crochet Three Together {Sc3tog} Tutorial

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Learn how to crochet the sc3tog or single crochet three together. This stitch decreases three single crochets into one stitch. It’s worked in the same way the sc2tog, single crochet two together is crocheted.

picture with text How to SC3tog crochet tutorial 4 step by step pictures

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I use the the sc3tog often. Sometimes it decreases three stitches into one. It makes an eye catching cluster stitch too.

I use the Single Crochet Cluster in this Winter Pom Hat and I just love the texture it lends to the fabric. Check out the photo tutorial for the Single Crochet Cluster Stitch it’s a beautiful textured stitch .

picture of purple blue pom hat

I think most of the time, we use the sc2tog when decreasing, but sometimes we do need to the sc3tog for decreases. However, it seems to be more often used in those cluster stitches. I’ve linked up a couple of tutorials for the stitches I’ve used which includes the sc3tog below.

Most recently I use the sc3tog in my Sunset Sweater pattern. The trinity stitch I use in the sweater is based on the sc3tog technique. So I decided to add a tutorial for it.

picture of crochet sweater in progress blue and gold

I just love how textured and truly simple this Trinity Stitch is when you work it up, especially in the lighter colored yarn. Get the Sunset Sweater Crochet Pattern in women’s sizes here.


This stitch is appropriate with any weight yarn and compatible hook. For this tutorial I am using Lion Brand 24/7 cotton yarn*, which is a #4 med worsted weight yarn, and my 5mm Furls streamline hook*.


sc – single crochet

sc3tog – single crochet three together

st(s) – stitch(es)

yo – yarn over

Other Stitches Using Sc3tog

1. Trinity Stitch Tutorial

2. Single Crochet Cluster Stitch

picture of completed sc3tog crochet tutorial in teal yarn

Here’s a look at a finished sc3tog, or single crochet three together stitch.

Video Tutorial

You can watch the short Single Crochet 3 Together Video on my YouTube Channel. Be sure to subscribe if you find crochet videos helpful.

Photo Tutorial

picture of teal swatch with 2 loops on hook sc3tog tutorial

I’ve started the row here with a ch 1 and sc into the same st. To begin the sc3tog, insert your hook into the next st, yo and pull up a loop (2 loops on your hook).

picture of teal swatch sc3tog tutorial with crochet hook 3 loops on hook

Next, insert your hook into the next st, yo and pull up a loop (3 loops on your hook).

picture of teal swatch with 4 loops on crochet hook sc3tog tutorial

Now insert your hook into the next st, yo and pull up a loop (4 loops on your hook). Here you can see we’ve picked up 3 sts.

picture of teal swatch with complete single crochet 3 together

Finally, yo and pull through all 4 loops on your hook. Now you made a sc3tog, which decreases the stitch count by 2 sts here (3 sts became 1 st).

I hope this tutorial was helpful for you. Do you prefer photo tutorial or the video version?


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