How to Bind Off in Pattern for Seed Stitch

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Sometimes a knitting project calls for you to bind off in pattern. But what does bind off in pattern mean?

Just that, continue the pattern, but bind off at the same time. In this tutorial learn how to bind off in pattern with step by step instructions for beginner knitters.

For this example, we are using the seed stitch pattern. Seed stitch is alternating knit and purl stitches. So for a bind off in pattern with seed stitch we will continue to alternate stitches, binding off as we go.

Seed stitch bind off in pattern.

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When to Bind Off in Pattern?

If your knitting pattern says bind off, then you can use the standard bind off. The basic bind off is perfect for garter stitch projects that use all the same stitches.

When the pattern tells you to bind off in pattern then you need to keep working the bind off row like a row in the same pattern.

A few rows of seed stitch in grey.

Seed stitch is a great example to use for this bind off, because it’s easy to see the single knits and little purl bumps. But it works for other patterns too.

Often the last row of your knitting project is on a wrong side. So your bind off is on the right side of your work.

There are different ways to bind off. The most common way is the basic bind off. The bind off in pattern and stretchy bind off are some of the first beginners learn.

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Knit scarf in grey and black looped through itself on wood table.

More Free Beginner Knitting Patterns

  1. The seed stitch makes a great scarf to pair with this bind off.
  2. This chunky knit seed stitch earwarmer makes a great first knitting project.
  3. Simple and small this knit bookmark features a heart and seed stitch border.

These simple knit pattern use easy steps so they are great ideas for beginning knitters to try.

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  • Your project that’s ready to bind off, or a few knit rows of seed stitch to practice on.
  • I’m using 4.5 mm needles* (US Size 7)I knit with a circular needle. You can use the same needles from your project, or ones that match your yarn.
  • tapestry needle to weave in the yarn tail

Stitches/Abbreviations (US Terms)

BO – bind off this is your basic bind off.

CO – cast on

K – Knit

live stitches – are the loops on your knitting needle, the stitches that you have not knit yet.


st(s) – stitch(es)


You can work seed stitch with an even number of stitches or an odd number of stitches. If you have an even number then you’ll have a two row repeat. An odd number will be only one repeat row.

Skill Level


Bind Off In Pattern Seed Stitch Video Tutorial

Check out the full step by step video tutorial on You Tube.

Scroll down for the bind off tutorial!

Seed stitch bind off in pattern.

How To Bind Off in Pattern for Seed Stitch

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 36 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

Learn how to bind off in pattern while knitting the seed stitch.


  • You'll need your knitting project that's ready to bind off.


  • The same needles you are using to knit with. I'm using my 4.5 mm needles US 7 needles.


  1. Once you have finished the last row in your pattern it's time to turn and bind off in pattern on the next row. A few rows of seed stitch in grey.
  2. The pattern we are working is seed stitch, so we knit where there is a purl, and purl where there is a knit. Hands with knitting ready to bind off.
  3. Here I have a purl and a knit, so I will knit the first and purl the second stitch.
  4. Insert left needle into the first stitch on the right needle,
  5. Pull the stitch back over the second stitch.
  6. Now continue to alternate knits and purls, so I knit the next stitch, then pull the first stitch over it to bind off.
  7. Then I purl one, bind off. Then knit, bind off, etc. Repeat this to the end of the row.
  8. After the last stitch is bound off, pull the yarn through the last stitch. Last stitch bound off pull up a loop of yarn.
  9. Cut yarn and weave in loose ends of the yarn.Red yarn needle ready to weave in end.


Now you can try binding off in pattern on your next project!

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