DK Yarn What Weight is Double Knitting Yarn?

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Yarn weights come is many sizes and have many names. What is double knitting yarn?

Double knitting yarn is abbreviated to DK yarn. This yarn is a weight category 3, or light weight yarn. Sometimes known as light worsted yarns.

Why all the different terms? Well crochet and knitting are global crafts! With crafters and yarn company world wide some variation is to be expected.

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What Ply is DK Yarn?

Another way yarn is categorized is by the ply. Ply is the number of threads that are twisted together to form the strands of yarn.

Double knit yarn is also known as 8-ply yarn in Australian and New Zealand.

Red yarn stack with white labeled Gloss DK.

Yarn Weight (Size or Thickness of the Yarn)

Let’s look a little closer at yarn sizing. The weight of yarn is found on the yarn label. Yarn weights correspond to the thickness of the yarn. 

Yarns that are labeled as 0-2 are the thinnest yarns, while yarn weights 5-7 are the thickest yarns.

Yarn weight labels 0-7.
Yarn weights increase in thickness according to the number.

Just like double knitting yarn these all have a variety of names too. #2 yarns are fine yarns. They’re also called sport weight yarn, and baby yarn.

This means dk yarn and worsted weight yarn are both medium size. Aran yarn is a medium yarn that’s heavier than worsted.

Medium and lightweight yarn are not too thin and not too thick. They’re just right, which makes them popular for baby items to home decor.

DK yarn is a versatile yarn for making everything from a garment to a baby blanket. In this post you can read about these different yarn weights and more how to read a yarn label.

The Craft Yarn Council also has a lot of great resources on yarn, knitting and crochet standards.

What Size Knitting Needles / Crochet Hook to Use With DK Yarn?

If you check your ball band, or yarn label, the recommended crochet hook and knitting needle size for your yarn is there.

Different yarns will have different recommendations due to unique fiber content and weight of the yarn. For DK yarn the suggested needle size might range from 3.75 mm needles to 5 mm needles. For crochet hooks with DK yarn, the recommend hook sizes are from 3.25 mm – 6 mm.

The yarn band will give you a range of needle and hook sizes. Which one you choose will depending on the kind of project you’re making. Be sure to check your pattern requirements also.

The easiest way to match hook size to the different types of yarn is by working a gauge swatch. Since tensions vary, yarn properties and pattern details your swatch will give you the best information.

Your crochet or knitting pattern will give you suggested materials for both yarn and needle / hook size. In your pattern you will also find information on gauge. You will need to make a gauge swatch in your yarn and hook / needle size to match it.

Free Patterns in DK Weight Yarn

The Summer Diamonds Hat features a light yarn weight in cotton fiber which makes a great summer chemo cap.

Both the Sera Pullover and the Sera Cardigan crochet patterns use Dk weight yarn. It has great drape and is an excellent choice for garments!

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