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Tuscan Scarf a Free Crochet Scarf Pattern

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Crochet the Tuscan Scarf with just one skein of fingering weight yarn. Designed solely with single crochet stitches, this easy crochet scarf showcases the colors of that special hand dyed yarn.

The Tuscan Scarf is lightweight and simple to style. Use the long end secure the scarf in a loose knot to keep it in place on your neck. Or wrap it and tuck the tail in. This design is easy to crochet and easy to wear.

I was gifted this lovely hank of yarn and I’m thrilled to finally have been able to create a scarf with it. I love how lightweight and simple it is to wear. The single crochet stitches allow the speckled hand dyed colors to shine.

The Tuscan Scarf is crocheted from one tip to the widest end, which means increasing is a breeze with single crochets. The asymmetrical triangle allows for easy styling and wear.

Picture of woman smiling in triangle scarf
Picture of songle crochet scarf up close

You can purchase an ad-free pdf {scroll down for the free pattern}



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The Tuscan Scarf has a knit sister, check out the Tostata Scarf, an easy one skein knitting pattern.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy for details.



  1. Ch 1 does not count as a st.
  2. The increases are on one end of the rows to create this asymmetrical triangle shape.
  3. You can continue the pattern repeat for a larger scarf. 


Fsc-foundation single crochet 


sc-single crochet

RS-right side

WS-wrong side




2” x 2” = 9 sc x 12 rows of sc

Finished dimensions

22” on its’s widest end, your last row.

48” on the longest diagonal

18″ deep

Picture of asymmetrical triangle scarf laid flat




Row 1. FSC 1, or ch 2, sc in the 2nd ch from your hook, turn. (1 st)

Row 2. Ch 1, in same st 3 sc, turn. (3 sts)

Row 3. Ch 1, in same st sc, in next st 2 sc, in last st sc, turn. (4 sts)

Row 4. Ch 1, starting in same st sc, and in each st across, turn. (4 sts)

Row 5. (RS) Ch 1, in same st sc, in next st 2 sc, in each st across sc, turn. (5 sts)

Row 6. (WS) Ch 1, in same st sc and in each st across, turn. (5 sts)

Rows 7-198. Rep last 2 rows, or until desired length is reached.

Cut yarn, weave in ends.


 Block your scarf. This will help flatten the curling increase edge, and allow it to lay flat.

I wet blocked by soaking it briefly in tap water.

Then I used a towel to squeeze the water out gently by rolling it out repeatedly. Once it was damp and not dripping, I smoothed it into place on my blocking boards.

If you don’t have blocking mats you can use a clean towel on a floor, table, or bed. I use my Knit Picks blocking mats.

I pinned all the edges down, shaping with my hands as I went. And that’s it, just let it dry from here.

Picture of triangle scarf on blocking boards
Picture of crochet stitches up close

Eccolá, now it’s ready to wear!

Picture of triangle scarf on mannequin
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