An Easy Crochet Mesh Triangle Shawl Pattern For Beginners

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The Easy Crochet Mesh Triangle Shawl is lightweight with beautiful drape. Crochet this top down shawl in sport weight cotton yarn for the ultimate Spring and Summer Triangle scarf.

Add tassels or fringe to take this simple mesh to the next level. I love creating beautiful handmade gifts when I have time.

I crocheted this mesh shawl for my son’s kindergarten teacher, as a thank you gift. Teachers are special and never receive enough credit! I’m so thankful for the wonderful teachers in my kids’ lives.

picture of crochet mesh shawl triangle laid flat coral color

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I love how the crochet mesh shawl turned out. The sport weight cotton yarn leaves it soft, supple and gives it gorgeous drape.

The coral color works so well for a bright summer shawl, or scarf. I often see her wearing coral and pink so I’m hoping she loves it as much as I do!

The easy mesh triangle shawl crocheted up so fast. I bought a pack of four balls of this yarn so I could’ve easily made it a bit bigger.

This pattern grows so quickly with just chains and double crochets. I love the simplicity of it. My hardest decision was which lovely color to choose!

picture of woman in coral triangle mesh crochet shawl

I worked up a photo tutorial {updated + new video tutorial!} to go with this one, so even if you’re new to crochet you can totally make this one!

I linked up my video tutorials for the two stitches I use in this pattern too, so you’re all set-even if you’re brand new to crocheting!



This crochet triangle shawl pattern is worked by double crocheting, chaining and skipping stitches to create the open, mesh look. You will start by making a long chain, which will be the widest part of your shawl.

So it should be long enough to stretch out from finger tip to finger tip of the wearer. I’ve included easy instructions for increasing the length of your starting chain, which will give a larger over all shawl.

To decrease our chain and begin to form the triangle you will skip stitches at the beginning and end of each row, slowing bringing in the sides until a point is reached.

After the first couple of rows, it will be very easy to continue the pattern. This is a great project to work on while watching tv or listening to a book.


To get the same look of this crochet mesh triangle shawl I would recommend using the same weight and material yarn that I did here.

However, this pattern would work really well for worsted weight yarn or lightweight yarn, in any material with an appropriate sized hook, probably a 5-5.5mm hook.   

Scroll down for the free pattern. You can also purchase the well formatted, ad-free pdf of this pattern from my Etsy shop.


150g/5.4oz, 495m/540yds of yarn, I used less than 3 balls of Jubileeyarn Minnesota in Coral Bay which is a sport weight cotton yarn. Light or Medium weight yarns are good choices for this pattern too.

4.5mm/7 hook, scissors, yarn needle & optional stitch marker


  1. Ch 4 counts as a dc + ch 1, mark the 3rd ch to help you see where to start on the next row.
  2. Shawl is worked on the long edge, decreased on both ends narrowing to the point.
  3. Decreases are made by skipping sts on either end of each row, as indicated in the pattern.
  4. St multiple is an odd number, plus 3 for the foundation row.
  5. To make a larger shawl increase your starting chain to the desired width, be sure to keep an odd number and add 3.


2″ x 2″ = 8 dcs x 2 rows of dc


Finished dimensions: 62″ across the top x 30″ down the center back.

For a larger shawl, increase your starting chain. Start with an odd number, then add 3 for the foundation row.


Sk-skip the indicated stitch



dc-double crochet

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Woman in orange crochet mesh shawl with tassels.

Easy Crochet Mesh Triangle Shawl Pattern

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 4 hours
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 4 hours 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $10

This crochet mesh triangle shawl pattern is an easy make that's lightweight and lovely for a scarf or summer shawl.


  • 150g/5.4oz, 495m/540yds of yarn, I used less than 3 balls of Jubileeyarn Minnesota in Coral Bay which is a sport weight cotton yarn. Light or Medium weight yarns are good choices for this pattern too.


  • 4.5mm/7 hook
  • scissors
  • yarn needle
  • optional stitch marker


    Ch 240

    1. Row 1. Dc in the 6th ch (sk chs count as first dc + ch 1), *{ch 1, skip next ch, dc in next ch} rep from * across, turn. (237 sts)Double crochet in 6th chain from hook.
    2. Row 2. Ch 4 (counts as dc + ch 1), sk the next 3 sts, dc in next dc,Row 2 crochet mesh shawl.
    3. (Row 2 cont.) *{ch 1, sk next ch, dc in next dc} rep from * til last 4 sts,Crochet mesh triangle shawl row 2 ends with skipping stitches to decrease.
    4. (Row 2 cont.)ch 1, sk next 3 sts, dc in 3rd ch, turn. (233 sts) Two rows crochet mesh triangle shawl with decreases on both ends.
    5. Row 3. Ch 4, sk next 3 sts, dc in next dc,Row 3 decreases at beginning of mesh shawl.
    6. (Row 3 cont.) *{ch 1, sk next ch, dc in next dc} rep from * til last 4 sts,End to row 3 crochet mesh triangle shawl decreases with skipped stitches.
    7. (Row 3 cont.) ch 1, sk next 3 sts, dc in 3rd ch, turn. (229 sts)Coral mesh triangle shawl decreasing on both ends.
    8. Rows 4.-64. Repeat Row 3 until you have 5 sts left.5 stitches left in triangle.
    9. Row 65. Ch 4, sk next 3 sts, dc in 3rd ch. (3 sts)Triangle shawl decreased to 3 stitches.
    10. Finishing: Cut yarn and weave in ends.
    11. Optional: I chose to add tiny tassels to my three corners, but you could also add fringe around the outside or crochet a border.

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Crochet Mesh Triangle Shawl Video Tutorial

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  1. Ah!! This looks like the perfect birthday gift for a new friend. Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  2. You’re quite welcome! I hope you enjoy the pattern and your friend loves it!

  3. Hi
    Thank you for the pattern. It’s really lovely. I’m making it now and my edges are curling in. Am I doing something wrong?
    Thanks again for the free pattern!

  4. You’re quite welcome. If you’re edges are curling in it’s likely your tension is too tight, so you can try going up a hook size. Or it’s possible, you’re missing stitches, so you can double check your stitch count to make sure you’re increasing enough for each round. I hope that helps!

  5. Wow, nice ideas.it’s really so amazing and creative idea. you giving perfect and loveable patterns to crochet lovers. thanks for the helpful ideas with new and creative thoughts.