Crochet Teacher Gifts | Crochet Patterns for Back to School

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Crochet teacher gifts are a great way to start the school year. Crochet patterns for teachers and students help to get everyone ready and organized.

Fall brings crochet weather and with it back to school time. There are some really fun back to school themed crochet patterns out there.

Here I collect a list of some of my favorite crochet patterns that make great teacher gifts, students and back to school themed organization.

So what should you crochet for teacher gifts and back to school time? These crochet patterns for back to school will help get you started!

Crochet teacher gifts in a collage of crochet patterns for back to school.

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Scroll down for the round up of crochet teacher gifts + back to school ideas!

Check out some ideas for what to crochet for teachers, students (and maybe yourself) as we head back to school.

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