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Women’s Cloche Hat Free Crochet Pattern

This women’s cloche hat came to be while browsing Pinterest. I found a couple of lovely tutorials for the crunch stitch and I instantly knew I wanted to use it for the hat I’d been planning to make. Hopeful Honey has an excellent crunch stitch tutorial and Charmaine from CDM Handmade has a wonderful washcloth series which includes the Crochet Crunch Stitch Washcloth. These are fabulous resources if you’re new to crocheting.

The crunch stitch added just the amount of interest I was looking for in my next Crochet for Cancer hat. I wanted to crochet these hats without a lot of holes, so giving them some detail in another way is important. I used Bamboo Pop from Universal Yarns which is 50% bamboo and 50% cotton. It’s is so soft, stretchy and comes in an array of gorgeous colors. The natural fibers are ideal for summer time, or those who live in warmer climates but still need a full coverage cap. I love working with this yarn, it is just a dream on your hands, so I can only imagine that it’s silky soft on your scalp as well.


Bamboo Pop Yarn in Lime Green and Clover

Hook G, mine is Pink Grapefruit from Happy Crochet Hooks

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Yarn needle, scissors

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crunch stitch beanie


5 hdc X 2.5 rounds= 1″X 1″


MC=Magic Circle

HDC=Half Double Crochet


ss=slip stitch

Pattern Notes:

Teen/Adult size.

Beginning chain 2 does not count as a stitch at the beginning of each round.

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In Lime Green, start with a Magic Circle.

Round 1: 12 HDC into MC, slip stitch to first HDC to join. (12)

Round 2: Ch 2 (doesn’t count as a stitch), 2 HDC in same stitch and in each stitch around, slip stitch to first HDC to join. (24)

Round 3: Ch 2, 2 HDC in same stitch, 1 HDC in next stitch, *{2 HDC, 1 HDC}, repeat from * around, slip stitch to first. (36)

Round 4: Ch 2, 2 HDC in same stitch, HDC in next 2 stitches, *{2 HDC, HDC 2}, repeat from * around, ss to first. (48)

Round 5: Ch 2, 2 HDC in same stitch, HDC in next 3 stitches, *{2 HDC, HDC 3}, repeat from * around, ss to first. (60)

Round 6: Ch 2, 2 HDC in same stitch, HDC in next 4 stitches, *{2 HDC, HDC 4}, repeat from * around, ss to first. (72)

Round 7: Ch 2, 2 HDC in same stitch, HDC in next 5 stitches, *{2 HDC, HDC 5}, repeat from * around, ss to first. (84)

crunch stitch beanie

At this point my circle measured 5 1/2,” the bamboo yarn is pretty stretchy so this a good size. If you need a larger hat, add rounds here following the above increase pattern. Or to make a smaller hat leave out a round or two.

crunch stitch beanie

From here it’s helpful to use a stitch marker on the first stitch of each round. Safety pins, a length of yarn, or a clasp earring are options in place of an official stitch marker.

crunch stitch beanie

slip stitch

crunch stitch beanie


Round 8: *{slip stitch, HDC}, repeat from * around. No need to join rounds, just mark your first slip stitch of each round. (84)

crunch stitch beaniecrunch stitch beanie

Rounds 9-24: Repeat above round 13 more times.


crunch stitch beanie


Round 25: HDC 28 times, *{2 HDC, HDC 1}, repeat from* 13 more times, HDC 28 times, ss to first HDC to join. (98)

Round 26: SC in next 33 stitches, HDC in next 32 stitches, SC 33 times, to the end of round, ss to join. (98)

Round 27: Attach Clover and SC around, ss to join and finish off.

My hat measures 7″ tall with a 1″ brim.


crunch stitch beanie

4 rows up from the brim edge, join Clover in any stitch and slip stitch in each stitch around, join and finish off.


Braid 3 strands of Clover. Mine were about 100″ long. I knotted both ends, leaving 2 1/4″ of tassel. Fold the braided strands and twist together. The flower is very free form. I twisted and coiled the braid on itself and sewed it on the hat, just to the right of the brim. Arrange it to your liking. The finish flower measures 1 1/4″ X 1 1/4.”

Pin it for later!

crunch stitch beanie


A swatch of hdc stitches in white Wander Acrylic yarn with peach odyssey hook.
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