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How to Change Colors Throughout a Row Crochet Tutorial

Learn how to change colors back and forth through a row of your crochet pattern. This tutorial demonstrates the invisible color change as you work in two colors and across two different stitches.

You can use this invisible color change when changing colors from one stitch to the next, and back. It’s an easy technique for creating clean color changes.

In the tutorial, I show you how to use the invisible color change for the bobble stitch and the double crochet stitch. You can change colors seamlessly between stitches in a row.

Crochet bobbles in blue and beige stitches.

You can find the free pattern for this bobble square here, the Brindisi Bobble square. This crochet square design is a part of the Friendship Blanket CAL.


I’m crocheting Red Heart With Love in teal and beige for this tutorial.

Red Heart With Love is a #4 medium worsted weight yarn. You can use any weight yarn and colors your pattern requires.


You can apply this invisible color change to any crochet stitch you are using in your pattern.

This color changing technique is useful for a variety of crochet stitches. In this tutorial I change colors from a double crochet to a bobble stitch, and back again.

The Briones Sweater is one of my favorite sweater patterns that features bobbles. It’s a favorite stitch of mine to crochet.

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Crochet hook and swatch of bobbles with color changes in blue and beige.

Of course the easiest way to do color changes is to let yarn do the changing for you!

Shawl in a Ball yarn is gorgeous with a metallic thread running through it. I split three cakes of this self striping yarn into two designs, the California Crochet Wrap and the California Knit Wrap.

I’ve only made one complete Tunisian crochet pattern, but this video tutorial from KnitterKnotter reminds me I want to have a go at it again!

Crochet Patterns With Color Changes

The Tuscan Charm Cowl is a chunky weight cowl pattern with color work and texture. There is also a matching hat, the Tuscan Charm Beanie that includes the same texture and stripes.

Blue and beige color changes in a crochet row.
See how nice and clean the color changes are in this row.

In this swatch I use a foundation single crochet which makes a nice edge for the start of your pattern.


  • Any weight yarn and compatible crochet hook.
  • In this tutorial I’m using two contrasting colors of #4 medium worsted weight yarn and a 5mm US size H crochet hook.


  1. In this tutorial I change colors for the double crochet and the bobble stitch.
  2. You can apply this technique to any stitch.

Stitches/Abbreviations (US Terms)


bo-bobble stitch: yarn over, insert hook into stitch to be worked, yarn over & pull up a loop, yarn over & pull through two loops; working into the same stitch repeat 4 more times; you will have 6 loops on the hook, yarn over & pull through all of them.

dc-double crochet


sk-skip the indicated stitch


yo-yarn over


Copyright © 2021 ChristaCoDesign/Crystal Marin. This pattern is for personal use only. Please feel free to sell and/or gift items you personally make from this pattern. You may not distribute this pattern and/or photos in any form, including screenshots, email, photocopying, or posting photos of this pattern online, or elsewhere. Please link to this post if you would like to share.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.