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Matteo Fingerless Gloves a Free Crochet Pattern

The Matteo Fingerless Gloves bring texture and warmth in this free crochet pattern. Keep your hands and wrists warm, while leaving your fingers free.

Stylish and easy to wear this crochet pattern is sized for both men and women. These fingerless gloves complete the Matteo Set, so be sure to make the hat & scarf too.

The crochet gloves pattern is written for two adult sizes: Small/Medium and Medium/Large. These fingerless gloves are worked flat and then seamed, leaving the thumbhole open.

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If you want to make these longer, it’s a simple repeat so you can crochet them to the length you want.

If you love the look of these gloves, then check out the matching hat and scarf patterns too.

Matteo Scarf Pattern

Matteo Hat Pattern

picture of dark green crochet fingerless gloves on wood floor with wood crochet hook

Love my Alpha Series ergonomic crochet hook from Furls. It’s handmade and keeps my hands healthy.

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You can purchase the ad free pdf from one of my shops below. Or scroll down for the free pattern.




If you’re looking for more fingerless gloves, there are simple gloves for children here. Plus this pattern includes women’s and men’s sizes so you can crochet fingerless gloves for the family.



  1. Ch 1 does not count as a stitch.
  2. First we’ll work the wrist ribbing, then we’ll work along the long edge of the ribbing to add on the rest of the glove. Worked flat and then seamed, leaving a hole for the thumb.
  3. Ch 3 counts as a stitch, I highly recommend using a ch 3 alternative, here’s my favorite.
  4. Pattern is written for two adult sizes, as S/M (M/L) with the first number is the smaller size and the number in the parenthesis is the larger size.



bpdc-back post double crochet

dc-double crochet

fpdc-front post double crochet

fsc-foundation single crochet

sk-skip the indicated stitch rep-repeat

sc-single crochet

sl st-slip stitch



4” x  4”= 12 fpdc x 8.5 rows

Skill Level



Finished dimensions when flat=

Adult S/M  measures 6” x 7.7”

Adult (M/L) measures 7” x 8.3”


Make 2


Row 1. FSC 9 or ch 10 and sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn. (9 sts)

Row 2. Ch 1, sc in same st, in next 7 sts blo sc, sc in last st, turn. (9 sts)

Row 3. Rep Row 2 for 20 (22) rows or 6” (6.5”) long.

From where you are, turn to work across the long edge:

Row 1. Ch 3, Dc  22 (24) more sts evenly across, turn. (23, 25 sts)

Row 2. (RS) Ch 3, *{in next st fpdc, in next st dc} rep from *across, turn. 

Row 3. (WS) Ch 3, in next st dc, *{in next st bpdc, in next st dc} rep from * across, dc in last st, turn. 

Rep Rows 2-3. Til you have 12 (14) rows or 6” (7”) total for the length of the entire glove.

Row 15. Ch 1, in same st sc and in each st across. (23, 25 sts)


Cut yarn leaving long tail. Fold in half seam 3.5” from bottom, leave a 1.25” (1.75”) space open for thumb, seam last 1.25” (2”). Cut yarn and weave in ends. 

I’d love to see your #matteogloves tag me @christacodesign on Instagram if you post a pic. Or share it to my Facebook Group, I love to see your work!

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