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Crochet Boho Bag Pattern & Tutorial

Crochet Boho Bag Pattern & Tutorial

I picked up this skein of Bernat Pop! in scarlet sizzle with no real plans, just cause it was pretty, I’m sure you can relate! I decided to create a bag using only this one skein. The color changes create a pleasing pattern for you, without any planning. I designed this bag to be sturdy but still lightweight. While there is some stretch (as with all yarn), it is minimal and therefore suited to a purse. I love projects that only require one skein of yarn and this one worked out so well!


1 skein Bernat Pop! in Scarlet Sizzle

Size H crochet hook

1 1/8″ button

scissors, yarn needle

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crochet boho bag

Pattern Notes:

Worked in the round. Beginning chains count as a stitch.

My finished bag dimensions were about 8″ wide and 9″ deep (with items inside). It’s about 2 ft tall with the strap extended. I’m just under 5′ 2″ and am able to wear it both on my shoulder and as a cross-body bag. If you are taller (and most people are!) making adjustments to lengthen the strap are easy and covered below.


4 DC X 2 rows = 1″ square

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crochet boho bag

1.10 DC in magic circle, join with slip stitch, pull tightly closed

2. Ch. 3 (all ch. 3s count as 1st DC), DC in same stitch, 2 DC in each around, join with a slip stitch (20 DC)

crochet boho bag

3. Ch. 3, DC in same, *{2 DC, DC 1} repeat around from *, join with a slip stitch (30 DC)

crochet boho bag


4. Ch. 3, DC in same, *{2 DC, DC, DC} repeat around from *, join with a slip stitch (40 DC)


crochet boho bag

5. Ch. 3, DC in same, *{2 DC, DC 3} repeat around from *, join with a slip stitch (50 DC)

6. Ch. 6 (counts as 1 DC + 3 chains), {DC, skip 1, Ch. 3} (25 DC & 25 chain spaces)

crochet boho bagcrochet hobo bag

7. *{Ch. 3, slip stitch to skipped DC from previous row (Creates bottom of the ‘V’), Ch. 3, slip stitch to top of DC} (completes the ‘V’ shape) repeat from * around until end of round (25 ‘V’s)


crochet boho bag

crochet boho bag

8. Ch. 6, back post DC to DC from round 6 (first picture),*{Ch. 3, back post DC to DC from previous round}, repeat from * to end of round.

crochet boho bag

Slip stitch to 3rd chain from the Ch. 6 starting chain to finish the round.

crochet boho bagcrochet boho bag

9. *{Ch. 3, slip stitch to chain space from previous round. Ch. 3, slip stitch to top of DC from previous round}.

Repeat rounds 8 & 9 for a total of 17 sets, ending on a row like #8.

Here are some more pics of the ‘V’s as the pattern is worked:

crochet boho bag

A picture of the inside of the bag where you can easily see the back post stitches:

crochet boho bag

To Finish:

crochet boho bag

Ch. 4 *{2 DC in chain space from previous row, ch. 1} repeat from * to end of round, join with a slip stitch.

For the strap:

crochet boho bag

Slip stitch 4, Ch. 1, turn (so you start & finish your strap width on DC, not chain spaces)

crochet boho bag

*{SC 7, Ch. 1, turn} repeat as needed, until strap is long enough, or the yarn runs out.

crochet boho bag

Match up stitches so they’re straight and slip stitch into place on opposite side.

This is the actual tail I was left with! Since it was so close and everyone’s tension varies, just be aware.

crochet boho bag

Yarn stretches so if your strap is a bit shorter it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you’d prefer a longer strap, then you can shorten the width by a few stitches and then you’ll have more yarn to lengthen the strap with.

crochet boho bag

Sew on a button to one side. 1 1/8″ button size worked well for the chain spaces in the top row.

crochet boho bag

Hope you enjoy your crochet hobo bag, or gift it to a loved one!






5 thoughts on “Crochet Boho Bag Pattern & Tutorial”

  • “Row 8. Back post DC to DC from previous round” – this makes no sense to me and the picture is confusing. The previous round (Row 7) is all 3 chains and slip stitches. There are no DC’s in the previous round. Can you explain what you mean by DC to DC in previous round?

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Sorry that’s confusing. It should read “back post DC to the DC from round 6.” I changed it on the pattern. You are back post double crocheting around the top of the DC from round 6, which is the same place you slip stitch 3 to create the top of the ‘v.’ I hope that helps clear up any confusion. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more clarity.

  • 4. Ch. 3, DC in same, *{2 DC, DC 2} repeat around from *, join with a slip stitch (40 DC)…

    Confused about the 2DC, DC2. Previous row has 30 DC so 2DC,DC2 will give me 60 DC instead of the 40DC

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