Invisible Join: How To Finish Crochet In The Round

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The invisible join is a technique that cleanly joins your crochet projects. The standard slip stitch join works great. So why do we want to learn how to join invisibly?

Well for some projects the slip stitch breaks the line of stitches. But, joining has to be done when crocheting in the round. What choice do we have?

That’s where the invisible join comes in. This method of bringing the last stitch of a crochet round together with the first stitch, called joining, leaves no trace. It’s invisible!

To create an invisible join we will use a yarn needle to make a faux stitch. This fake stitch looks just like your other stitches. Truly, it’s so hard to find the join once you make it.

What types of crochet patterns benefit from the invisible join?

The short answer is any crochet pattern where the seam is going to be visible. We want the beauty of your stitches to jump out, not your joins!

The cup cozy I use in this tutorial is a good example. It is wrapped around a cup so someone will be able to see it from all angles.

Another great pattern to use this join in is when adding a border in the round. This could be on a cardigan, a blanket or a hat.

These are just a few ideas that come to mind. What crochet pattern have you made lately that has a high visibility going?

Crochet patterns that recommend an invisible join:

In the sleeves for my Spring Crochet Cardigan I recommend an invisible join. There’s a pretty sleeve cuff detail so the eye is drawn to it.

On the neckline of the Men’s Simple Striped Sweater the invisible join creates a perfect finish.

The Backcountry Beanie crochet pattern has a round of single crochets around the brim. The invisible join works so well here.

There are plenty more places to use this joining technique. These little touches make your handmade crochet more polished. Personally, I feel these are the skills that set your work above the rest.



  1. The invisible join is a replacement for joining with a slip stitch.


Crochet with a no show join no slip stitch.

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Invisible Join Crochet Tutorial

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 16 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

Learn how to finish off your crochet projects with the beautiful invisible join.


  • finished crochet project that was worked in the round


  • yarn needle and scissors


  1. Once you have crocheted the last stitch of the round, do not join with a slip stitch, stop here. picture of last stitch invisible join
  2. Cut your yarn, leaving a long enough tail to weave in, at least 6" will work. Now pull the tail through the last stitch. picture of pull yarn through last stitch
  3. Thread yarn needle with tail, then insert it under the top two loops of the first stitch made (the stitch you would normally slip stitch to when finishing). picture of yarn needle under stitch
  4. Gently pull tail through this stitch, bringing the last and first stitches together.picture of yarn through for invisible join
  5. Now insert the needle into the top of the last stitch (the last one you crocheted and where you pulled the yarn thorugh from step 2). picture of invisible join with yarn needle
  6. Continue working the needle down through the post of the stitch. picture of needle going down into stitch picture of inside of stitch for invisible join
  7. This is what it looks like now, can you even see it? picture of crochet join without slip stitch Here it is again, we've made a faux stitch. picture with arrow pointing invisible join
  8. Now weave in your tail like normal, be sure not to pull it too tight. picture of finished join


There's nothing wrong with a slip stitch join-I use it all the time. But sometimes your project can really benefit from a seamless finish!

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What are your favorite crochet in the round projects to make? Hats are a given, I think. I love crochet cowls too.

This Toasted Marshmallow Infinity Scarf from Toni at tlycblog.com is amazing! I love the squishy superbulky yarn for cowls.

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