The 10 Most Popular Crochet Patterns of 2020

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At the end of the year it’s always fun to reflect back over the year. Usually we note the highs and lows.

Some of us set goals. Some of us purposely do not (me!) set goals.

And 2020 has had it’s share of lows and then some. So we’ll just focus on the highs for this year.

Maybe we can find more ways to increase our joy, our positivity, or inspiration for the new year.

Top 10 Most Popular Crochet Patterns for 2020

2020 has been a year to remember. If you're like me, then you'll want to remember the good things, like these free crochet patterns!

These crochet patterns are the most popular patterns I published this year. Have a look and maybe find inspiration for the year ahead.

Will you be making resolutions? If so, I hope it’s along the lines of crochet more and do less!

I think Jess has it right as far as crafty resolutions go with her post on New Year’s Resolutions: Finish A Crochet Blanket.

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