Chunky Crochet Necklace a Free Crochet Pattern

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This chunky crochet necklace pattern adds a pop of color to your wardrobe. It’s an easy crochet pattern that features Lion Brand’s Mambo Yarn. The button cuff keeps the crochet loops secure while adding interest and contrast to this otherwise simple design.

This novelty yarn came to me in a mystery bag sale from Lion Brand. They chose three balls of yarn for you. You could choose the weight category.

So it was a surprise to see exactly what type of yarn you would get. One of the yarns I received was this Mambo Yarn in the beautiful pink Flamingo color.

Have you ever purchased mystery yarn? It’s fun to take a chance every once in a while. Sometimes choosing the right yarn is hard.

But having yarn already in your stash can be hard too. What can I make with this super bulky Mambo Yarn? Do I have enough? These are all questions I’m sure you’ve asked yourself when sifting through your yarn stash.

These chunky Mambo skeins come in 5 yard bundles. I received 3, so I only had 15 yards to work with. So I knew I had to crochet a small project. I was also able to pair it with a worsted weight cuff to keep the loops tidy.

picture of woman in blue sweater with chunky crochet necklace bright pink

As much as I love the fall, sometimes a punch of color is just what we need. This bright magenta pink really stands out. This chunky necklace is definitely a statement piece.

picture of magenta chunky yarn necklace wrapped in white contrast button

The easy loops allow this novelty yarn to shine in this chunky crochet necklace. The Mambo Yarn brings so much interest with the bright color and contrasting netting. I chose to keep the stitches simple and easy.


For this unique crochet necklace, I used Lion Brand’s Mambo Yarn. This yarn is made with super soft chunky yarn that is wrapped in a type of thread netting. I love the contrast of the bright Flamingo color to the white.

The Mambo Yarn is labeled as a #6 super bulky yarn. I found it to be a bit chunkier than a typical super bulky yarn. It seemed more similar to the few #7 jumbo yarns that I’ve worked with.

I love how striking this yarn is when contrasting a neutral palette. The Mambo Yarn would work up well for finger knit or crochet or just simple braids or knots.


This chunky crochet necklace is made purely with chains. For the crochet cuff that’s buttoned on I used the front loop only single crochet stitch. This adds a bit of texture to the piece.



  1. Ch 1 at the start of single crochet rows do not count as a stitch.

Stitches/Abbreviations (US Terms)

You can see how to do the front loop only single crochet in the Cara Crochet Face Scrubby.


The necklace is crocheted with simple chain stitches, joined and looped to wear. The button wrap closure is worked as a flat rectangle and closed with the button.


This necklace can be adjusted to any length by adding or subtracting chains. When looped three times, as pictured, the necklace hangs at 15.”

The three loops measure 3″ wide when grouped together. To make a wider grouping, crochet a longer chain and loop it more. If you loop it only once or twice, then it won’t be as wide.

Remember adjustments will also change the amount of yarn needed, so plan accordingly.



Necklace Pattern

In Mambo with 15mm hook


4″ = 6 chains

Ch 128, this measured 85″ for me.

Since the chain used all three skeins I had to add new yarn twice. To join new yarn, I laid the new yarn end over the old end, overlapping them a few inches, then continued to chain.

I didn’t take a picture of this at the time, but I added some below in worsted weight yarn to illustrate what I mean.

picture of white and blue yarns overlapping to change crochet

Join the last chain to the first chain you made with a sl st. Be sure not to twist the chain.

Cut yarn and weave in ends. I was able to split the inner pink yarn and go between the netting to hide the ends of the Mambo Yarn.

Button Cuff

In #4 medium worsted weight yarn and 6mm hook


2.5″ x 2.5″ = 7 sc x 8 rows of sc

  1. Ch 21.
  2. Sc in the 2nd ch from your hook and in each ch across, turn. (20 sts)
  3. Ch 1, in flo sc in each st across, turn. (20 sts)

5. – 11. Repeat the last row 6 more times

Cut yarn and weave in ends.


Sew button on one end of rectangle. Loop necklace three times. Wrap rectangle around necklace and button closed to secure it.

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