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Crochet Triangle Scarf Photo Tutorial & Giveaway!

Crochet Triangle Scarf Photo Tutorial & Giveaway!

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This triangle scarf is an easy, beginner friendly crochet pattern. I was itching to use Hobby Lobby’s Painted Canyon colorway and I think it worked up lovely in this pattern. The self striping yarns are such a breeze to work with-no color planning, less ends to weave = win, win!

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This pattern will give you the triangle scarf size pictured: 23.5″ deep by 50″ long. You can continue the pattern to increase your triangle to a full shawl size. This one was made with 3 skeins of Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn in Painted Canyon. I think adding another two skeins (with this gauge and hook) would create a comfortable sized shawl. These are so easy to add on to!

I chose to add tassels on my corners, but you could add fringe along the edges or leave it off entirely. Isn’t that the beauty of crochet-customizing it to your liking.

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756 yds/15oz Worsted weight #4 yarn (or more if you’d like a larger size)

5mm (H) hook*, my favorite hook is pictured here.

Yarn needle* for weaving in ends, scissors.


14 dc x 8 rows = 4″ x 4″

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Photo Tutorial:

triangle scarf

Chain 3.

triangle scarf

Slip stitch to 1st ch to make a circle.

triangle scarf

Ch 4 (counts as a dc + ch 1)

triangle scarf

In the circle you formed: 3dc,

triangle scarf

ch 2 (this will be the bottom tip of your scarf),

triangle scarf


triangle scarf

ch 1, dc, this completes your first row (2 grannies & 2 dcs),

triangle scarf

turn your work and begin row 2: ch 4 (counts as a dc + ch 1)

triangle scarf

Into the 1st ch 1 space from the previous row: 3dc, ch 1,

triangle scarf

in the ch 2 tip space: 3dc, ch 2,

triangle scarf

Into the same ch 2 space: 3dc, ch 1,

triangle scarf

In the last ch 1 space from the previous row: 3 dc, ch 1, (green yarn needle marks the top of the ch 3 from the previous row, this is where you will do the next step)

triangle scarf

dc in top of ch 3, turn. (This is row 2 and it has 4 grannies and 2 dcs)

triangle scarf

Ch 4 (counts as dc + ch 1),

triangle scarf

In first ch 1 space of previous row: 3 dc, ch 1,

triangle scarf

3dc, ch 1 in the next ch 1 space from the previous row,

triangle scarf

for the tip in ch 2 space: 3dc, ch 2, 3dc, ch 1,

triangle scarf

in next ch 1 spc: 3dc, ch 1,

triangle scarf

in last ch spc: 3dc, ch 1, then place a dc in the 3rd ch of ch 4 and turn. (Row 3: 6 grannies, 2dcs)

triangle scarf

Rows 4-33:

Continue to repeat: Ch 4 (counts as dc + ch 1), *{3dc, ch 1 in next ch 1 spc}, repeat from * until the ch 2 spc (tip), then *{3dc, ch 2, 3dc in the ch 2 spc of the tip}, then continue to repeat *{3dc, ch 1} in each ch 1 spc, dc in 3rd ch of ch 4, turn. (Row 4: 8 grannies & 2 dcs, Row 5: 10 grannies & 2 dcs, Row 6: 12 grannies & 2dcs… Row 33: 66 grannies & 2 dcs) Each row will increase by 2 grannies.

Finish off by weaving in ends and trimming any excess.


For the tassels I cut about 24 pieces yarn 12″ long for each corner. I laid one longer piece of yarn out and placed the 24 pieces of yarn on it, then used the single piece to tie a knot and secure the yarn together in the center. I threaded the tied end up to tie it on to the scarf. Then I used the other end to wrap around the top of the tassel to form the bulb.

If you’d like to add fringe, I did a little photo tutorial on my Veneto Fringed Scarf pattern.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! Please ask if you have any questions!


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