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Double Crochet 2 Together (DC2tog) Video & Photo Tutorial

Learn how to double crochet 2 together in this simple photo and video tutorial. Decrease two double crochet stitches into one stitch. DC2tog is the crochet abbreviation for double crochet 2 together.

The quick video clip below demonstrates how to crochet two double crochet stitches together. Keep scrolling a bit further for the photo tutorial.

Double crocheting 2 together will decrease the number of stitches in a row or round. I’ve used this technique in my Striped Slouchy Hat pattern to take in the top of the hat, so I thought I would write up a post on it.

Decreasing and increasing are techniques used to change the shape of your crochet work. They’re both often used in amigurumi crochet, as well as hats and other garments.

Some of these crochet stitches are even used decoratively. Like the double crochet cluster stitch. This stitch is really simple and pretty too.

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double crochet two together

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Double Crochet 2 Together Photo Tutorial:

Start by yarning over.

double crochet two together

Then insert your hook into 1st stitch to be worked.

double crochet two together

Next yarn over again, and pull up a loop; now you’ll have 3 loops on your hook.

double crochet two together

Yarn over and pull through two loops; 2 loops are on your hook now.

double crochet two together

Yarn over, insert hook into the next stitch and yarn over again, pull up a loop. Yarn over and pull it through two loops on your hook. Now you’ll have 3 loops left on your hook.

double crochet two together

Yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on your hook to finish the double crochet two together stitch.

This completes your DC2tog, or double crochet decrease, or double crochet two together. So many names! I hope this little video and tutorial helps you.

Video Tutorial

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