Crochet Magic Circle Photo Tutorial

When I first learned the magic circle technique I had to wonder how I hadn’t learned it sooner! If you crochet in the round often, then it’s an essential that leaves you with a tightly closed beginning. No more unsightly holes, or trying to weave the end just right to cover it up. The best part about starting your crochet projects with a magic circle is that it’s easy to learn and so worth it.


For this tutorial I used:

I Love This Cotton yarn in periwinkle

Size G crochet hook

Photo Tutorial:

magic circle

Wrap yarn counterclockwise around your middle finger.

magic circle

Keeping the circle together, slide it off your finger.

magic circle

Keep pinching the circle together and yarn over.

magic circle

Pull up a loop through the circle.

magic circle

Make a couple of chains, according to your pattern. I made two here, because I’ll be using double crochet stitches.

magic circle

Crochet into the circle for your desired number of stitches. I crocheted 10 dc here.

magic circle

Slip stitch back to chain 2 to close the round. Pull the yarn tail to close the middle of the circle.

Hope this is a helpful tutorial on a very useful crochet technique that you can use on your handmade projects!






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