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How to Crochet the Magic Circle with Photo Tutorial

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Learn how to crochet magic circle to start your crochet in the round. Sometimes referred to as the magic ring, the magic circle technique will allow you to close up the hole created of crocheting in the round. Your top down crochet beanies will look amazing when you use the magic circle to start your hats.

When I first learned the magic circle technique I had to wonder how I hadn’t learned it sooner! Being able to cinch up your circle with just a pull of the yarn is so cool. The best part about starting your crochet projects with a magic circle is that it lends a lot more “polish” to your finished pieces.

Like most of us, I learned to start a crochet circle with a number of chains, often three. Then to join them, slip stitch the last chain you made to the first. Finally, you begin crocheting into the center of the circle you created.

If you crochet in the round often, then the magic circle is an essential that leaves you with a tightly closed beginning. No more unsightly holes, or trying to weave the end of your yarn just right to cover it up. Not to mention, we often crochet our littles hats, and to constantly look at that hole, meh.

The magic circle can be used with any stitch. In this tutorial I’ve used it with double crochets. To use it with single crochet or half double crochet, just use one chain before you start crocheting them.

You can get a peek at the little Toddler Sun Hat I crocheted for my youngest. I used the magic circle to start her hat and I definitely didn’t want any holes at the top of her head.

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The magic circle technique works well with any weight yarn and compatible crochet hook. Shown in the photo tutorial is #4 medium worsted weight yarn and size 4mm (G) crochet hook.

Magic Circle Video Tutorial

For this video tutorial I used:

I Love This Cotton yarn in periwinkle

5mm crochet hook

I updated this post to include a short Tangi video demonstrating how to crochet the magic circle. You can watch exactly how it’s made, check out the Magic Circle Video Tutorial below.

How to Crochet Magic Circle Photo Tutorial

How to Begin the Magic Circle

  1. Start with a loop

    Wrap the yarn counterclockwise around your finger.picture of blue yarn wrapped around finger

  2. Slide loop off your finger

    Keeping the circle together with your fingers.picture of loop ready for magic circle

  3. Yarn over

    Keep circle pinched together while wrapping yarn over hook.picture of magic circle and yarn over pink crochet hook

  4. Pull up a loop

    Pull yarn through the circle.picture of pulling blue yarn through magic circle on pink hook

  5. Make a couple of chains

    By yarning over and pulling through 2X. I made two here, because I’ll be using double crochet stitches.picture of chains ready for dc

  6. Work into your circle

    Double crochet to the number you need. picture of double crochets in magic circle

  7. Close the round

    Slip stitch to the top of chains you started with, the 2nd ch.picture of blue crochet magic circle

  8. Close the circle

    Pull the yarn tail to close middle of the circle.

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When you weave in ends, be sure to go back and forth, up and down and every which way. This will help secure it and keep the circle from sliding open.

Hope this is a helpful tutorial on a very useful crochet technique that you can use on your handmade projects!


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