Chain Stitch Crochet Photo & Video Tutorial

Chain Stitch Crochet Photo & Video Tutorial

Chain stitch is a crochet basic that is the foundation to most written patterns. It’s the first step in creating many crochet projects and an essential to learn. If you’re new to crochet then you’ve come to the right place. In this post I’ll show you how to crochet a chain stitch, which will get you that much closer to beginning your own crochet project! I’ve included a photo tutorial and a short video below for the chain stitch.

Most patterns will read something like this:

Chain 33.

Turn your work and sc into the second chain from your hook.

Often the word chain is abbreviated to ‘ch.’ There are many abbreviations in crochet! I hope to cover many of them and the essential stitches in my Crochet Basics series.

How to hold your yarn: This can feel awkward when you’re just starting out. Keep practicing! There are also alternate ways to hold yarn (& your hook) if it still feels odd after a while.


To begin your chain, start with a slip knot. If you need to know about slip knots, start here.


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Video Tutorial:

Photo Tutorial:

In order to begin chaining, yarn over (wrap the yarn around the hook).



Now that you’ve yarned over, pull the yarn through the slip knot. This forms your first chain.


Now you continue to yarn over and pull through the loop on your hook until you have formed number of desired chains. 10 chains should suffice for a first try.



While chaining is easy, I find crocheting stitches into the chains the most difficult part of starting a project. Once that first row is complete though, the second row is definitely easier!

I wish I’d taken a picture of my very first chain ever. It was probably a hot mess! Or maybe it’s a good thing that there isn’t any photographic evidence! Practice, practice!

Next up Crochet Basics: Single Crochet. This is the stitch that will allow you to create actual projects!

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