Slip Knot How to Photo & Video Tutorial

Slip Knot How to Photo & Video Tutorial

Making a slip knot is likely the first step in most crochet patterns you come across. I’ve found when learning a new craft pictures are so helpful. Sometimes learning something new and new terminology on top of it feels too overwhelming. When I was first learning I kept having to search other sites for clarification. So I thought I would provide a quick reference guide here, that you can come back to as needed. To get started here’s a quick photo tutorial on this crochet basic. I’ve also included a brief video below demonstrating how to make the slip knot.


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Yarn (worsted weight is a good all purpose) RED HEART Classic Yarn, Lime

How to hold your yarn: This can feel awkward when you’re just starting out. Keep practicing! There are also alternate ways to hold yarn (& your hook) if it still feels odd after a while.


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Video Tutorial:


Photo Tutorial Steps:


slip knot

Wrap yarn around your finger.

slip knot

Slip the yarn loop off your finger, pinching it together with your thumb and first finger.

slip knot

Insert hook into the loop & yarn over (grab the yarn with the hook).

slip knot

Pull yarn through the loop.

slip knot

Continue to pull the hook to close the loop, creating your slip knot.

There you have it! Practice, practice and soon you won’t even have to think about how to do it!

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Happy learning! Send me any questions you might have! I had so many questions when I first started!




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