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Crochet Blanket Edges a List of Easy Borders

Here are a some easy crochet edging ideas that you can use to add borders to your handmade blankets.

Adding a crochet edge to your blanket ties it together for a finished look. Crochet borders are a great way to make a varitey of colors, textures and stitches work for you.

Edgings can also help balance out any tension differences or wavy edges. Some crochet stitches create very straight edges, but not all.

In the Sorrento Shawl pattern I use a combination of stitches, and there is one section that is very tight. I was able to add a border to help combat the pulling in of that section.

Collage of blanket borders crochet edges.

Easy Edgings: Crochet Blanket Border Ideas

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