Sophia’s Blanket a Free Knit Pattern

Sophia’s Blanket a Free Knit Pattern

Sophia’s Blanket is soft, squishy and comfy for the whole family. This throw blanket will ensure many snuggles together while watching a favorite movie or sharing a book. It is the most coveted blanket in our household and I hope it is for yours too.

The kids have quickly learned that our cat, Sophia will come sit with them if they are under a blanket. They relish the triumph of Sophia choosing them. So it was no surprise when they discovered which blanket she truly preferred. We currently have two crochet throws and one knit throw. Sophia chooses the knit blanket every time, so I had to name it for her.

This knit blanket is an easy, beginning knitter project. I’ve linked up tutorials and added some notes for those of you who are brand spanking new to knitting. While this was my very first started knit project, it was not my first completed knit project. Because blankets. So I might not recommend it for a first, but it’s definitely a good second project if you have the patience for blankets.

Also if you’re very new to knitting I might also recommend one of the lighter colored yarns. The navy blue of River Run is gorgeous, but it is dark so new knitters might have trouble seeing the stitches. If you’re set on a dark color just be sure you have excellent lighting, it helps so much. I use my Ottlite Desklamp when I yarn in the evenings, I love it.

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  1. Pattern is worked flat.
  2. Border is worked in garter sts (k both sides), main section is worked in stockinette (k rs, p ws).
  3. Border is 4” wide around all four sides.
  4. Click on the links below for beginner tutorials.


CO-cast on, here’s a great video tutorial for how to cast on with a crochet hook.  

Garter St Joining a new ball of yarn.

K-knit, video tutorial on how to do the knit or gauge stitch.

P-purl, photo + video tutorial on how to do the purl stitch.

BO-bind off

RS-right side WS-Wrong Side


 Based on garter sts (k both sides).

4” x 4” = 10 sts x 16 rows

Finished dimensions=52” x 48”


 To knit a larger or smaller blanket you can easily cast on more or less stitches. Based on the given gauge, for every 10 sts you add or subtract your blanket will gain or lose about 4” of width. To create a longer or shorter blanket, just work more or less stockinette rows, reserving the last 4” for the garter stitch border. To modify the border size you can also work more/less garter rows to start/finish and more/less garter stitches on the edges. Any changes will effect the amount of yarn needed so  plan accordingly. You can also knit one ball of yarn for your bottom border that you start with and reserve one ball for your ending border and work the main section (which includes the side borders) with the rest of the yarn you have.


 CO 100

Row 1. K all.

Rows 2-16. Rep Row 1 or until you have 4.”

Row 17. (RS) K all.

Row 18. (WS) K first 10 sts, P all sts til last 10 sts, K last 10 sts.

Rows 19-130. Rep last 2 rows until you have 40” of stockinette.

Rows 131-146. K all. 

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

I’d love to see your version of #sophiasblanket tag me @christacodesign on Instagram if you post a pic. Or share it to my Facebook Group, I love to see your work!

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