Pike Stitch Crochet Video & Photo Tutorial

Ya’ll I’m so excited that soon my Hygge Homebody Cardigan will be available to you! The pattern is almost ready, my lovely testers are crocheting away! Until then I want to share a detailed tutorial on how to create the stitch I use for the cardigan. It’s technically the pike stitch, but mostly comprised of extended single crochets, that become the pike stitch when you add the chains in between.

If you’ve never heard of either one of these stitches, never fear! They are easy. Truly. This stitch works up so fast, which is great when you’re making a large piece like an oversized cardigan or blanket. The pike stitch gives your fabric a wonderful drape so you can create a cardigan from worsted weight yarn that is beautiful.

If you prefer videos I’ve created one here for the pike stitch/extended sc stitch. Or scroll on down for the detailed photo tutorial. I show you how to start your work, how to end row 1 and the start & end to the rest of your rows. It’s a simple one row repeat after that!

Video Tutorial:

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The pike stitch is comprised of extended single crochets (exsc), explained below and chains (ch). It can be worked in a variety of yarn weights with the appropriately sized hook. I’m using worsted weight #4 with an i hook for this tutorial.

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Photo Tutorial:

chain, crochet hook

1.Ch number indicated by your pattern, for this tutorial I’ve chained 12. You want an even number chains.

pike stitch tutorial

2. Sc into the 2nd chain from your hook.

pike stitch tutorial

3. Ch 1, skip the next ch.

pike stitch tutorial

4. Insert hook into the 3rd ch, yarn over (yo) and draw up a loop, yo again and pull through 1 loop on your hook (2 loops left on your hook). This creates the extended part of the extended single crochet stitch.

pike stitch tutorial

5. Yo and pull through both loops on your hook. This creates the single crochet part of the extended single crochet (exsc). Steps 4 & 5 create the exsc.

pike stitch tutorial

6. Ch 1, skip the next ch, insert hook in the next ch, yo and pull up a loop (2 loops on your hook). Adding the chain in between exsc stitches makes it the pike stitch.

pike stitch tutorial

Yo and pull through 1 loop on your hook (2 loops on your hook).

pike stitch tutorial

Yo and pull through 2 loops on your hook, another exsc created.

pike stitch

Ch 1, *{skip ch 1, exsc in next exsc, ch 1} repeat from * across until the last stitch.

How to end row 1:

pike stitch tutorialpike stitch

In the last stitch place 1 exsc.

pike stitch tutorial

Ch 3 and turn your work (or turn your work and ch 3 if you prefer). Ch 3 counts as the 1st exsc.

To Start Row 2 (and all other rows):

pike stitch tutorial

You’ll insert your hook to the right of the vertical yarn indicated by the pin.

pike sttich

Exsc in next exsc, ch 1, *{skip ch 1, exsc in next exsc, ch 1} repeat from * across,

pike stitch tutorialpike stitch tutorial

The End of your Rows:

pike stitchpike stitchpike stitchpike stitch

End with an exsc in the 2nd chain, turn.

You’ll continue repeating:

Ch 3 (counts as a stitch), exsc in next exsc, ch 1, *{skip ch 1, exsc in next exsc, ch 1} repeat from * across, end with an exsc in the 2nd chain, turn.

Check out how to decrease this stitch too:

I hope this tutorial has been helpful to learn the pike stitch! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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pike stitch tutorial


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