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Crochet the Berry Christmas Cup Cozy with the Free Pattern

Crochet a mug cozy that’s filled with texture. Warm and comforting for those cold mornings, this crochet cup cozy will delight with it’s texture.

The free crochet cozy pattern uses just scraps of leftover yarn. The Berry Christmas Cup Cozy is the perfect way to gift a card-with a handmade touch.

Small and fast this little mug cozy doesn’t take much time or yarn. I love a good scrap yarn project.

The Berry Christmas Cup Cozy pattern uses the uneven berry stitch, which gives a lot of bang for your buck. I love the texture on this one.

picture of berry cup cozy flat
Add a button and loop for a traditional coffee mug.

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I’d love to be able to gift everyone in our lives with some handmade squishiness, but time is always a factor. These little crochet cozies were a great solution for this busy time of year.

I so dislike just giving gift cards. It feels so impersonal, especially as a maker. It is so much more satisfying to whip up a little love and gift them together.

Once I crocheted the Berry Christmas Cup Cozy, I knew I needed some printables to make these little projects even more giftable.

I created pdf printables for an iced coffee cup cozy, a to go coffee cozy and mug cozy that can be found in my Etsy shop.

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You can also purchase a well formatted, ad free pdf {scroll down for the free crochet pattern}

If you’re looking for more fun and fast crochet patterns, you might enjoy the Crochet US Flag tutorial or the Aria Summer Crochet Headband.

This post may contain affiliate links which means I receive a small fee if you click through and make a purchase (at no additional cost to you).



  1. Ch 1 counts as a slip st and you will work into it on the next row.
  2. The ch 1 used to close the berry st does not count as a st. So you will need to skip it so as not to increase your st counts.
  3. To simplify keeping track of stitches, I’ve included the ch 1 used to close the berry st in the stitch count, but remember not to work into them.
  4. Stitch multiple is 2.
  5. Finished length is 8.5” long, without sc edging.


3.5 sc x 4 rows sc = 1”

In the pattern Rows 1-5=1.25”



sc-single crochet

sl st-slip stitch

Berry st-yo & insert hook into st to be worked, yo & pull up a loop (3 loops on your hook), yo & pull through one loop on your hook (3 loops on your hook, yo & insert your hook into the same st, yo & pull up a loop, yo & pull through one loop, yo & pull through all 5 loops on your hook, ch 1 to close.

picture of steps 1-5 berry stitch tutorial

I’ve included a few pictures in the pattern below. But if you’d like a more in depth tutorial you can get it here in my Uneven Berry Stitch Photo Tutorial.

Get the Printable

You can find the iced coffee printable here, printable travel cup here, and the mug printable here. I printed them on cardstock, paired with a gift card!

Cup Cozy Pattern

picture of crochet cup cozy white with mug and twine

Berry Christmas Crochet Cup Cozy Pattern

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 45 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 55 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $2

The Berry Christmas crochet cup cozy that's full of texture!


  • 55 yds #4 med worsted weight yarn, pictured is Red Heart’s Amore in Chai


  • 5mm (H) hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors


Ch 30

    1. Row 1. Sc in 3rd ch from hook (you will crochet into sk chs as turning ch on next row) and each ch across. (29 sts)picture of row 1 sc in pink
    2. Row 2. Ch 1 (counts), sk first st, *{Berry st in next sc, sl st in next sc} rep from * across, the last sl st will be in the turning ch (skipped sts from first row-marked by pink st marker below), turn. (43 sts, including turning ch and all ch 1s) picture of row 2 uneven berry stitch tutorial in pink yarn
    3. Row 3. Ch 1 (counts), keep using a st marker here to help you remember *{sk the ch 1 used to close the berry st and sl st in top of berry st, sc in next sl st (which is between berry sts)} rep from * to end, last sc will be in the turning ch, turn. (29 sts)picture of row 3 sc + sl sts
    4. Row 4. Ch 1 (counts), sk first sc, *{sl st in next sl st, berry st in next sc} rep from * across, to last two sts, sl st in next st and sc in last st, turn. (42 sts including all chs)picture of last st row 4
    5. Row 5. Ch 1 (counts), sk first sc *{sc in next sl st, sk the ch 1 used to close the berry st, sl st in next Berry st} rep from * to last two sts, sc in next sl st and sl st in turning ch, turn. (29 sts) picture of row 5

    Rep rows 2-5 two more times, or to desired height.


For a travel cup size 9,” leave a long tail. Sew short ends together forming cup ring. Finish off.

For a larger mug, size 10-11” sc around all four sides, placing sc, ch 1, sc in each corner.

For a mug with a handle, add a button so the button loop can fit through the handle. Sew the button on one end. For the button loop, join yarn with a sl st to the opposite end, chain 20 (or to necessary measurement), sl st back to the cozy edge and finish off.

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