Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Tips

Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Tips

Corner to Corner crochet blankets are so easy to learn and work up quickly. This style of blanket is a great project for brand new crocheters. When I first started crocheting, blankets were too intimidating. They were big. There was too much counting. It was unsatisfying to work so long and only end up with a wonky row or two. A fellow crocheting friend told me about C2C, or corner to corner blankets, and I was hooked (pun intended haha).

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corner to corner crochet blanket

Another great thing about corner to corner crochet blankets is how seamless changing colors can be. In this post I’ll give you two color changing tips: how to change colors, how to carry those colors, so you don’t have as many ends to weave in (which I loathe), and how to keep those colors from tangling up.

corner to corner crochet blanket
In my border I’ve carried both colors throughout and you can’t tell!

To start your own corner to corner crochet blanket I suggest watching a short video. Here’s a great one from one of my favorite crocheters Sarah Zimmerman at

I’ve used so many of her adorable hat patterns and they’re always free! So when I heard she wrote a crochet book, and I saw how cute it was, I knew I wanted it. If you’re interested in corner to corner graphgans this book is an excellent buy! It has all you need to know to create your own corner to corner crochet blanket: detailed instructions, charts, pictures.

Check it out here:

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Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Tips:

If you’re just starting out you might choose to do a single color corner to corner blanket, which will be beautiful! The texture this technique lends is interesting in one color or many. But if you want to try stripes, it’s an easy way to learn color changing.

Color Changing Tip #1:

corner to corner crochet blanket

Begin your stitch normally with Color #1 (light grey here). For this double crochet stitch, yarn over, insert your hook, pull up a loop (3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull through 2 loops.

Now drop Color #1 and pick up Color #2 (dark graphite here) yarn over in Color #2 and pull through to finish your double crochet stitch.

corner to corner crochet blanket

You’ve now switched colors and can begin the next stitch.

corner to corner crochet blanket

Color Changing Tip #2:

Crochet over the other yarn color, carrying it until you need it again.

In this case I chose to crochet a border which mimicked the raccoon tail. So I did two double crochets in light grey and then two in dark graphite.

corner to corner crochet blanket
I hold the previous color over the stitch I’m working into and make my new stitches over it.

When you are ready to use that color again, just pick it up following Color Changing Tip #1.

If I didn’t know how to carry the color along, I would’ve never chose to work a border that changed color so often. And it turned out great, I’m so happy with it!

Color Changing Tip #3:

When working with multiple skeins of yarn, they tend to get tangled up. One way I’ve learned to manage that is by keeping them separated with a basket.

corner to corner crochet blanket

I got this basket from my local Dollar Tree
It’s the perfect size for holding a few skeins of yarn.

I feed the ends of the yarn through to start and voila, it’s not a tangled mess.

I hope these tips were helpful, I know they helped me when I first learned them. Every time I learn a new technique, especially one that saves time and effort, I think why didn’t I know that sooner?! But, of course, we don’t master anything overnight, only over time and with practice!

corner to corner crochet blanket
My little guy holding his favorite stuffed animal, “Mommy” the raccoon, which is what prompted me make this adorable raccoon blanket for him!

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