Wood Ring Nursing Necklace

Wood Ring Nursing Necklace

Work up a quick wood ring nursing necklace for you and baby, or a friend who could use one!

wood ring nursing necklace

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I ordered these 2″ maple teething rings on Amazon http://amzn.to/2lvT7pE

and I’m really enjoying working with them. There are smaller quantities available if you don’t want 20, like I did! http://amzn.to/2mI3cQq

Check out my Bunny Teether I created with them.

I used some scrap yarn I had leftover from another project.

I used Bernat Maker Home Dec in Pacific Varigate. It’s a cotton yarn, so perfect for little ones to chew on!

And washable, always a must! I used this little ball here to create this project. Now on to the pattern.

wood ring nursing necklace

I love this yarn bowl from Amazon!

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Wood rings http://amzn.to/2lvT7pE

Cotton yarn in your choice of color(s)

Size K crochet hook, scissors, yarn needle

The steps:

Slip stitch onto your hook and insert into the ring. .

wood ring nursing necklacewood ring nursing necklace

Slip stitch on to the ring and chain 1

wood ring nursing necklace

Single crochet around. I had 29 sc. You want to keep your stitches close together.

This yarn is stretchy so I was sure to make my stitches tight and close together.

This is a great project to work on even stitches, if you’re new to crochet!

wood ring nursing necklace

When you get back to where you started you’ll begin chaining for the necklace part. I chained 74, and could’ve easily made it longer, but I was working with scraps.

Once your chain is as long as you like, slip stitch back onto your ring.

Here you want to check that the wood ring is covered in stitches-add more right where you are, if needed.

wood ring nursing necklace

Now slip stitch back up the chain you made for your necklace. Slip stitch in each chain until you get back around again.

wood ring nursing necklace

Once you’re back at the wooden ring, fasten off and secure your end.

I was sure to weave my end in two different directions, crossing over

wood ring nursing necklace wood ring nursing necklace wood ring nursing necklace

I try to be extra cautious when making things for little ones!

And there you have it! My little one loves to fiddle with the ring while nursing and chews on it when I’m just holding her.

*This necklace is intended for adults and not children. Children should always be supervised when using any teether or toy of any kind.

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