How To Sew On A Crochet Appliqué To Your Hat

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Learn how to sew on crochet appliqués to your crochet hats, scarves, blankets or any project. Add a heart to a hat, flowers to a blanket, pockets to a scarf all use a similar sewing technique.

Sewing is inevitable for crocheters and knitters, but it doesn’t have to be hard. For this tutorial I’m using a chunky yarn that makes the stitches and loops easier to see.

This yarn is great for practice and then you’ll be ready to move on the worsted weight, dk yarn or any weight yarn you work with.

I use a crochet hat and heart to demonstrate how to sew on to a hat. You can use any finished crochet pieces: flowers on a blanket, even pockets on a scarf.

Red hat with white crochet heart and sewing supplies.

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Adding crochet hearts, or little ears like in the Bear Beanie pattern is an easy way to kick the cuteness level up.

I love how sewing on this chunky heart creates a Valentine’s Day themed hat from a basic beanie pattern.

This crochet sunflower applique is super cute for hats, scarves or blankets.

Attaching crochet to crochet is a simple matter of putting your crochet hook down and picking up the yarn needle.

You’ll want to use yarn that matches the appliqué, or top item you are sewing down.

More Crochet Patterns

Learn how to crochet this easy heart pattern here.

You might like these chunky bear beanies too.

The crochet heart gift card holder is a fast last minute gift.

What lovely lacy wrap from Jessie At Home, the Christiana Crochet Wrap is a beautiful design.

If you would rather crochet in your heart, and not sew it on then you might like the Pebbled Heart Beanie pattern.


  • your complete appliqué like this chunky heart
  • your complete crochet project like the chunky beanie
  • yarn needle
  • long tail or length of matching yarn to your applique
  • pins, I like the sturdiness of T-pins, but regular sewing pins work too


  1. You can use this tutorial for any type of crochet appliqué.



Written Instructions

  • First you’ll pin your appliqué in place so it doesn’t shift while you’re sewing it down. Check your placement by trying it on and moving it around. Be sure it’s exactly how you want it while pinning.
  • Thread your long tail, if you left one in the yarn needle. If you don’t have a long enough tail to sew all the way around, then just use a length of yarn in the same color. To lock this new yarn in place, go back into the first stitch you start in and leave a tail to weave in at the end.
  • Insert the needle through the stitches of the applique and into the stitches of the hat (or blanket, etc). Only pick the front loops of the stitch if you don’t want it to show. Even though I’m sewing onto a hat here, that’s how I do it so it won’t show through on the backside. So you can use this sewing technique for sewing on blankets or scarves that you’ll see both sides.
  • From the hat, come back up into the next stitch of the heart (or your applique).
  • Continue into the next stitch, be sure to pick up your loops on the hat (or your bottom surface) a little under the edge of the appliqué so that the shape is not distorted by stretching.
  • Be sure to remove all the pins. You can remove them after you sew down where they are.
  • Before you weave away your ends, check that you like your placement. Try the hat on, move it around. It’s easier to adjust now.
  • Weave in ends and trim yarn. Double check that all pins are removed!

Video Tutorial

Watch the full step by step video tutorial on my YouTube.

How To Sew On To Crochet Hats

Red hat with white crochet heart and sewing supplies.

How to Sew On Crochet

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 32 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

Learn how to sew on crochet appliqués like this chunky heart on your hat. Photo + Video tutorial.


  • Complete applique and hat or blanket to sew it on to.


  • Yarn needle, I'm using a large eye blunt tip needle.
  • T-pins or sewing pins
  • scissors


  1. Position your applique and pin in place.White crochet heart applique on red hat.
  2. Thread your needle.
  3. Sew around your applique. From the top go in the first stitch and slide the needle under a loop that's on the hat.Sew on with needle.
  4. Bring the needle from the back up into the next stitch.
  5. Continue sewing it on, moving from stitch to stitch. Sew through hat loops.
  6. Remove the pins as you come to them and you have secured the applique on.
  7. Check that it's exactly positioned how you want it before finishing off.
  8. Now weave away your end.

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