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Back Post Half Double Crochet Stitch Tutorial

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Learn how to crochet the back post half double crochet stitch. Pair this stitch with the front post half double crochet stitch for an ultra textured and eye catching fabric.

BPhdc = back post half double crochet is the crochet abbreviation for this stitch.

This step by step tutorial includes both written instructions and the photo tutorial. If you’re familiar with other post stitches, like the back post double crochet then this is made the same way, except with a hdc instead.

You will work around the post of the stitch, instead of in the top. With post stitches, it helps to remember that “front” and “back” refer to the starting position of your hook.

For the back post stitches, we’ll start with our hook positioned in the back. When making front post stitches, we start with our hook in the front of our work.

Swatch of front post half double crochet.

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Patterns Featuring Post Stitches

The combination of front and back post stitches creates a beautiful texture. It works well for ribbing on garments, hats and for any other project that you want to make extra cozy.

The Between Ridges Blanket uses post stitches for the border-which is worked as you go!

The Verso Beanie is a bottom up crochet hat that uses post stitches to make the ribbing on the brim.

Front and back half double crochet stitches.
When alternating front and back post stitches both sides of the fabric have the same texture.


  • any weight yarn, I’m using Simply Chunky a #5 bulky weight yarn
  • a hook to match your yarn, I’m using my 5mm US size H Peach Odyssey crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • scissors
  • measuring tape

My favorite Hooks are Furls* and Clover*!


  1. Ch 1 does not count as a stitch. 
  2. You’ll need to start with a row of half double crochet stitches in order to make a post stitch. You can use almost any stitch to start, if you like.

Stitches/Abbreviations (US Terms)

Click any of these links for the tutorial.


hdc-half double crochet

fhdc-foundation half double crochet


yo-yarn over

Helpful Tutorials

You’ll need to know how to make a half double crochet first. I love starting with foundation stitches, you can learn the foundation half double crochet stitch here.




The back post half double crochet stitch is worked around the post of the stitch. Most stitches you will work under the top two loops of the stitch.

Back Post Half Double Crochet Tutorial

Swatch of front post half double crochet.

Back Post Half Double Crochet

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 30 minutes
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 32 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Estimated Cost: $1

Learn how to crochet the back post half double crochet stitch. Combine this stitch with the front post half double crochet for warm and cozy fabrics.


  • Any weight yarn, I'm using Simply Chunky, a #5 bulky weight yarn.


  • Crochet hook to match your yarn. I'm using a 5mm Peach Odyssey hook.


  1. Start with a row of regular half double crochet stitches: fhdc 15 or ch 16 and hdc in the 2nd ch from your hook and in each ch across, turn.
  2. Ch 1, hdc in same st, Blue needle under post of stitch. I will make a front post hdc in the next st, and then start with the BPhdc to contrast them.
  3. To make a back post half double crochet, yarn over and insert hook from back to front, between post of stitchHook inserted from back.
  4. Slide hook across front of stitch and bring it out the back, on the other side of the post
  5. Yarn over and pull through, around the front of the post and to the back(3 loops on hook)
  6. Yarn over and pull through all three loops on the hook. This completes one BPhdc or back post half double crochet stitch. You can see it sits in the back, while the front post half double crochet is on the front side.
  7. Front and back half double crochet stitches. You can get this texture by alternating between BPhdc and FPhdc stitches.


While you can begin and end a row with a BPhdc, I prefer to use a regular hdc.

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