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Crochet Kids Racing T-Shirt a Free Crochet Pattern

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Racing fans little and big alike will adore this easy to make and easy to wear crochet kids racing t-shirt. Crocheted sideways to easily create those vertical stripes which are so reminiscent of racing stripes.

Boys and girls will enjoy the lightweight breathable cotton dk yarn. If I crochet it for my kids, then it has to be machine washable. Paintbox Yarns has the absolute best color selection in an array of yarns.

Boy wearing green crochet shirt with white racing stripes down center.

This beginner friendly crochet pattern is worked from two rectangles and seamed together. The sleeves are then added and worked in the round, which makes them easy to adjust.

I crocheted this kids racing tee especially for my car lover. It wasn’t until my third son that we finally had a boy obsessed with cars and all things that go. He also loves green, so I’m happy to say this is his current favorite shirt. Which replaced last year’s gift the Short Sleeve V-Neck.

The lightweight cotton has been both comfortable for and durable. As he wears it several times a week, it needs constant washing. The colors have not faded and there’s minimal wear on the yarn. I’m so glad he’ll be wearing it until he outgrows it!

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picture of boy smiling in striped crochet kids racing t-shirt
picture of back on boy of crochet kids racing t-shirt pattern on neck

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Scroll down for the free pattern!

You can purchase the ad-free, well formatted PDF Pattern in one of my shops. Scroll down for the free pattern!


Skill Level



  1. Worked as two rectangles sideways. What is normally considered the width of your work is the length of the shirt. Then seamed at the shoulders and sides. See chart.
  2. The sleeves are joined at the armhole and worked in the round, but turned as rows.
  3. Pattern is written with smallest size first, followed by the rest of the sizes in parenthesis: 2 (4, 6, 8, 10/12, 14).
  4. Ch 1 does not count as a st.
  5. Please check gauge before beginning.


hdc(s)-half double crochet(s)

hdc2tog-half double crochet two together

Sk-skip the indicated stitch


RS-right side



sl st-slip stitch


picture of schematic with dimensions for crochet kids tracing t-shirt


The Racing T is designed to fit comfortably with a classic fit. The pattern adds 2” of ease to the chest measurements. It’s a hip length shirt.


If you would like to adjust the length of the shirt, remember to do so by adding stitches to your first row, as the panels are worked sideways. To increase the width of the shirt add more rows. Generally, it’s easiest to go up a size. Measurements and stitch counts are given in the chart below.


4” x 4” = 14 hdc x 12 rows

Size-Chest“# sts=length of shirt “# of rows =width of shirt “
2-2151 sts=14.5”34 rows=11.5”
4-2354 sts=15.5”37 rows=12.5”
6-2558 sts=16.5”43 rows=14.5”
8-26.562 sts=17.75”45 rows=15”
10/12-3069 sts=19.75”49 rows=16.5”
14-31.572 sts=20.5”51 rows=17”

ChristaCoDesign patterns use Craft Yarn Council sizing standards.

picture of two crochet refcatngles side bye side in green for crochet kids shirt

Love my Furls Streamline Hooks! If you’re looking for an ergonomic hook that’s also affordable I highly recommend Furls’ Streamlines.


Back Panel

Row 1. (RS) Fhdc 51 (54, 58, 62, 69, 72) OR Ch 53 (56, 60, 64, 71, 74), hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn. (51, 54, 58, 62, 69, 72 sts)

Row 2. Ch 1, hdc in same st and in each st across, turn.

Rows 3.-34 (37, 43, 45, 49, 51). Rep last row, or til work measures 11.5 (12.5, 14.5, 15, 16.5, 17).” Cut yarn, leave a long tail for seaming.

Front Panel

Rep Back Panel, but change colors as shown:

Size 2

Rows 1.-13. (or 4.25”) Color A

Rows 14.-16. (or 1”) Color B 

Rows 17.-19. (or 1”) Color A

Rows 20.-22. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 23.-34. (or 4.25”)

Size 4

Rows 1.-14. (or 4.75”) Color A

Rows 15.-17. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 18.-20. (or 1”) Color A

Rows 21.-23. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 24.-37. (or 4.75”) Color A

Size 6

Rows 1.-17. (or 5.75”) Color A

Rows 18.-20. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 21.-23. (or 1”) Color A

Rows 24.-26. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 27.-43. (or 5.75”) Color A

Size 8

Rows 1.-18. (or 6”) Color A

Rows 19.-21. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 22.-24. (or 1”) Color A

Rows 25.-27. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 28.-45. (or 6”) Color A

Size 10/12

Rows 1.-20. (or 6.75”) Color A

Rows 21.-23. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 24.-26. (or 1”) Color A

Rows 27.-29. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 30.-49. (or 6.75”) Color A

Size 14

Rows 1.-21. (or 7”) Color A

Rows 22.-24. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 25.-27. (or 1”) Color A

Rows 28.-30. (or 1”) Color B

Rows 31.-51. (or 7”) Color A


-Sew when indicated using a length of yarn and the whip stitch/mattress stitch.

Match up panels with right sides together, remember they’re sideways. The stripes run vertical in the center of the front panel. At the top edge, sew first shoulder together for 2.75 (3.25, 4, 4.25, 4.75, 5)” leave a 6 (6, 6.5, 6.5, 7, 7)” opening for the neck, then sew the second shoulder together for 2.75 (3.25, 4, 4.25, 4.75, 5).” Cut yarn.

Starting at the bottom, sew sides together, but leave 4.25 (4.75, 5, 5.5, 6.5, 7)” open for the armhole. Cut yarn.

picture with text where to join for sleeves


It’s best to try it on now and make any adjustments. 

Attach yarn with sl st to any st on neck opening. Ch 1, sc in same st and evenly around, join to first st with sl st. Cut yarn.


At bottom of armhole, attach yarn with a sl st. 

Rnd 1. Ch 1, starting in the same st hdc evenly around for 30 (34, 36, 38, 46, 50) sts, sl st to first st to join, turn. (30, 34, 36, 38, 46, 50 sts)

Rnd 2. Ch 1, hdc in same st and in each st around, sl st to first st to join, turn. 

Rnd 3. Rep last row for a total of 8 (10, 12, 14, 15, 16) rows.

Decrease Sleeve

Rnd 1. Ch 1, hdc in same st, hdc2tog, hdc in each st around, sl st to first st to join, turn. (29, 33, 35, 37, 45, 49 sts)

Rnd 2. Rep last row. (28, 32, 34, 36, 44, 48 sts) 

Sleeve measures 3.5 (4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6)” long.

Repeat for other sleeve.

Weave in ends. 

I hope you enjoyed making the crochet kids #racingtshirt tag me @christacodesign on Instagram if you post a pic. Or share it to my Facebook Group, I love to see your work!

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audrey coates

Friday 12th of July 2019

I'm going to try this pattern for my great grandson who leaves in Japan.


Friday 12th of July 2019

Aw, what a lucky guy. I hope you enjoy it!

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