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Slip One (Sl 1) Knitting Tutorial | How to Slip 1

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Slip one in knitting is when you slip one stitch from one needle to the other without working it.

Sl 1 = slip one

The needle you are slipping the stitch on to is the working needle, sometimes called the right needle (if you are right handed).

As long as your pattern doesn’t say otherwise, when you slip 1 in knitting you will insert the working needle purl wise.

Insert needle right to left in cream yarn on needle.
Insert the working needle from right to left, purl wise.

So your working needle goes into the stitch to be slipped, from right to left, as if to purl. But don’t work the stitch, just scoop it over to the other needle.

Slip one stitch off needle on to other.
Slide the stitch off the needle without working it.

And it’s really that simple. You have slipped one stitch.

Slip 1 is a common way to start garter stitch patterns. It creates a nice little edge.

The slipped stitch lengthens and gets pulled up to the next row. When you combine it with a knit in the last stitch in a row it makes this edge.

Sl 1 is used for a variety of other ways to create knit patterns as well.

Easy Beginner Knitting Patterns

The Giana Cowl is an easy, one skein knit cowl pattern.

If chunky knits are your style you might like the Umbria Shawl a simple triangle shawl knitting pattern.

Try this Strawberry Jam Neck Wrap knitting pattern from Fiber Flux.


I’m using my Clover Takumi US 8/5mm knitting needles here. These make really great beginner knitting needles.

The bamboo wood helps the stitches stay put and not slip off so easily. Which is good when you’re just learning!

Scroll down for the slip 1 tutorial!

Insert needle right to left in cream yarn on needle.

Sl 1 Knitting Tutorial How to Slip One

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 1 minute
Active Time: 1 minute
Additional Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 3 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $1

Learn how to slip 1 in knitting with this easy tutorial.


  • Your workin in progress on the needles.


  • Knitting needles for your project.


  1. When your pattern calls for it, insert the working needle (the one you knit and move the stitches to) in the stitch to be slipped. You will insert it purl wise, meaning from the right to the left in the front leg of the stitch to be slipped. Insert needle right to left in cream yarn on needle.
  2. Slide the stitch on to the needle. You have now slipped one onto the working needle. Slip one stitch off needle on to other.

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