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How To Join Foundation HDC In The Round

Learn how to join the foundation half double crochet when crocheting in the round. In this step by step tutorial I’ll show you how to use those foundation stitches while working in the round.

The fhdc, or foundation half double crochet is a way to crochet without first working into a long chain. Essentially, you are crocheting the chain and the hdc at the same time.

If you need to learn this way of starting your work start with this tutorial on the fhdc.

fhdc=foundation half double crochet

How is the Foundation Hdc Used in the Round?

The foundation half double crochet can also be joined when crocheting in the round.

To join the last fhdc to the first, you’ll insert your hook first into the bottom of the last st and then into the bottom of first st.

From here you follow the process to make a fhdc.

What are FHDC?

The foundation half double crochet stitch is made by crocheting a chain 1 first, then you make a regular half double crochet stitch. Be sure to watch the full tutorial if this is a new stitch for you.

picture of chainless start half double crochet

A simple way to join with foundation stitches

First you’ll start with a regular row of foundation hdc stitches. Then you can join to work in the round.

There is a simple joining technique for fhdc in the round. Slip stitch the first and last stitches together as you normally would when crocheting in the round.

Then use the yarn tail to join the bottom of the last and first stitches together. Since the yarn tail is right there, and you have to weave it in anyway.

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How To Join Foundation HDC In The Round

Work fhdc stitches til you have 1 more to make.
On the last fhdc, YO + insert hook into bottom of st just made.
Then insert your hook in bottom ch of first st made to form a circle.
YO + pull through both stitches.
YO + pull through to complete the last fhdc.
Now sl st to top of first st.
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