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Bunny Ring Teether Tutorial

Bunny Ring Teether Tutorial

I’ve seen these cute wooden ring teethers everywhere! With Spring approaching, albeit slowly in Utah, I decided to make my own bunny ring teether. These are so fun to make! They’re quick and easy and a great baby shower gift. You can pair it with a coordinating bib for that handmade wow factor!

Get your supplies first (if you don’t already have these things in your stash!) *affiliates

First I found 2″ maple wood rings on Amazon, and ordered those here.* I ordered a lot of 20, so I can make a few other teethers. There are smaller ordering options of course, like this 5-pack here.*

Next I dug around in my fabric stash to find something appropriate. I chose a grey knit with chevron detail, here’s the exact one I used from Hobby Lobby Gray Chevron

And white cuddly minky fabric White Minky. You only need scraps, but if you’re buying fabric brand new, then get at least a 1/4 yd of each.

I’ve included my hand drawn template for the bunny ears here BunnyTeetherTemp print this off and cut it out to start.



1/8 yard each of two coordinating or contrasting fabrics.

Wooden ring* here’s your organic option!

Sewing machine, vanishing ink fabric marker, hand needle, pins, coordinating thread, scissors, BunnyTeetherTemp


Print the template and cut it out. Lay it on your fabric and trace with vanishing ink fabric marker.

bunny ring teether

Trace and cut one piece from both your fabrics. Or two pieces if only using one fabric.

bunny ring teether
The one on the right is just the paper template.


Lay your fabric pieces on top of one another, with the right sides of the fabric together.

Pin all the way around. I chose two very stretchy fabrics so the more pins you use, the better they will stay in place.

bunny ring teether

I used red pins to indicate my starting and stopping point, as I need an opening for turning the piece right side out.

bunny ring teether


Starting just at the red pin closest to you, back stitch to lock your stitches and sew around using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

bunny ring teether

When you get to the tip of your ears, you’re going to lift the presser foot and turn your work (lower the presser foot) and continue sewing all the way around.

bunny ring teether

Stop sewing at the second red pin. Back stitch again. Remove from your machine.

bunny ring teether

Trim around to 1/8″ and clip corners.

bunny ring teether

Turn it right side out using the opening you left.

bunny ring teether

Use a yarn needle, crochet hook, pencil (eraser end) or other suitable object to push out your corners from the inside.

bunny ring teether

Fold the edges of your opening in and pin it closed.

bunny ring teether

Now topstich around using 1/8″ seam allowance. I usually bump my stitch length up to 3.5-4 since minky is thick.

bunny ring teether

Fold your piece in half and feed through the ring.

bunny ring teether

Push your fingers through the loop of fabric.

bunny ring teether

Grab the tips of the ears and pull through the fabric loop, securing it to the ring.

bunny ring teetherbunny ring teether

Straighten up the ears to make them look just right. Almost done!

bunny ring teether

Flip it over and hand sew a couple of stitches to keep it together. I used red here to show you where the stitches go.

bunny ring teether

bunny ring teether bunny ring teether bunny ring teether

And you’re all set! Present your bunny ring teether to your little drooler for testing!

Remember to never leave children unattended with any toy, teether, pacifier, etc. Always inspect for damage before use, discard if torn or nicked.

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