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15 Beautiful Crochet Beret Patterns

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Crochet berets are such stylish hats. These beret crochet patterns are fun crochet hats to make. Especially for those in between seasons: spring and fall.

From classic to unique these cute berets make great patterns to crochet. Hats make great gifts and they’re quick a project.

Grab your crochet hook and choose one of these versatile hats to make!

Download the Hat Sizing Chart

Get this handy dandy chart so you can crochet perfectly fitting hats!

Crochet Berets 15 Patterns

Find a unique and stylish beret to crochet for yourself or a loved one this season. These 15 crochet patterns are all beautiful hats. Most of these are free beret patterns and some include a video tutorial.

Looking for more free crochet hat patterns? Browse around for different styles here.

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