10 Quick Crochet Patterns That Make Great Gifts

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Looking for a few last minute gift ideas? These ten crochet patterns make great gifts, use one skein of yarn or less and crochet up fast!

While some of us starting crocheting in January for the next Christmas season, some of us need a little last minute help.

It seems that I am always making, making, making yet, somehow when I start divvying up the gifts I come up short.

Or maybe I just think of all the people that I could/should/would crochet handmade gift for, given just enough time.

Well, hopefully this short list of free crochet patterns will help you decide on what to make for those last few gifts.

Gift giving is fun. Gifting handmade crochet wearables is even more fun!

And once all the gift giving is done, maybe it’s time to make ourselves a striped sweater like this one from Once Upon a Cheerio.

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